​Cheapflights Reviews

​Cheapflights Reviews

​Cheapflights was said to be a pioneer of Travel Search Engine (TSE) when it was founded in 1996 by travel journalist, John Haff. However, it was easily bought by two internet entrepreneurs, Mr. David Soskin and Mr. Hugo Burge. In 2008, Chris Cuddy succeeded Mr. Soskin as the CEO of Cheapflights but after 3 years stepped down and Mr. Burge replaced him as the new Chief Executive Officer.

​Cheapflights Reviews-Hugo Burge
Hugo Burge

Did you know that Hugo Burge is also the CEO of  Momondo? It’s all because when Cheapflights was in crisis and went through changes in 2010, they decided to aim for Zugu and Momondo too. In 2012, Cheapflights underwent rebranding having the Momondo Group and Skygate International.

With Cheapflights
The page was designed for travelers to feel at ease finding and booking flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, vacation packages and deals. It is shown on the right hand that the travel site is partnered with several other travel sites and airlines. However, looking at Cheapflights, it reminds me of Travelgrove in some ways.
​Cheapflights Reviews-pageIt gave me list of hotels in Amsterdam listed by price, TripAdvisor reviews, star ratings and options to view on the Google Map. The results page can be filtered or travelers can select by star rating, nightly rate (price) or traveler’s rating shown on the left hand of the page.

On a positive note, Cheapflights doesn’t only help customers find the cheapest flights but also inspires travelers to more enticing tourist attractions worldwide with their flashing images of Travel Tips and Blogs. The page also provides the Top flights and US’ widest range of deals.

Cheapflights is also available in 7 international sites interchangeable from United States to Australia, Canada, Deutschland, United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand.  This section is located on the top right of the page, next to access of their social media accounts.

NOT with Cheapflights?
It wasn’t a surprise to see a majority of Cheapflights reviews as negative and complaints. Travelers are complaining about the lame services of the travel site. They were even referred as unbelievable, disappointment, overcharging airfares and worst online travel agency. One reviewer was extremely mad when Cheapflights couldn’t help her after her booking:
Another reviewer can’t even describe how much he regretted using Cheapflights. He ended up having the worst arranged flights in his whole life and it wasn’t even cheap. He admitted that it was partially his fault for not being extra cautious. However, for the many years that he travelled, he didn’t encounter such ridiculous arrangements in travel planning. He ended up the review by saying “Don’t use Cheapflights” and gave the travel site a 1 out of 5 rating according to trustpilot.com.

Contact Information


  • ​Cheapflights Reviews-logoWebsite URL:                      www.cheapflights.com
  • Contact Number:                1-866-767-0387
  • Contact Email:                    PR.Enquiries@Cheapflights.com
  • Head Office Address:        Customer Care, Cheapflights Media (USA) Inc. 10 Post Office Square, Boston MA 02109

Final Thoughts
After reading several Cheapflights Reviews, evidently the travel site doesn’t look exquisite but the services are top rated. However I am still shaky with the numerous complaints I read, because those are legit as well. Maybe Cheapflights should at least have the courtesy to answer their customer’s complaints before expanding further or buying more travel sites. That’s only an advice.

Feel free to share your experience with Cheapflights below.


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  1. My girlfriend and I had our first argument because of Cheapflights. This travel site almost ruined my 5 year relationship with the most beautiful woman in the world. Well, what really happened was, I was supposed to fly to her place last month to propose. Yes, I set up a date and all, since it’s our anniversary last month. However, my booking was put to a waste since the $125 I paid was actually gone like a wind. When I tried to complain to Cheapflights, they start pretending I never booked with them at all.

    In short I didn’t make it on our anniversary and was able to see her after two weeks. Just imagine, what my girl had felt? She felt unloved, my plan went all to waste and I lost money. But good thing my girl was understanding and yes we are actually filing a complaint against Cheapflights after our marriage.


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