​SkyAuction Reviews

​SkyAuction Reviews
​SkyAuction Reviews-Michael HeringSkyAuction was founded in 1999 by Mr. Michael Hering who is also the CEO, but unfortunately there’s no definite biography or a picture of this said CEO. SkyAuction remains a privately owned company for over 15 years now. The American online auction travel site caters the following services: airline flights, hotel accommodations, cruises and tour packages.

Registrations are free, and bidding starts at $1 and it said that winners get a commission ranging ($20-$50). All of the travel services are catered within US, Europe, Mexico, Asia and Africa. Major investors include Baring Private Equity Partners (private equity arm of ING Group) and I-Hatch Ventures.


​SkyAuction Reviews-pageInitially the page shows flashing images of tourist attractions worldwide to entice consumers to their site. However font sizes are too small to be read. It took me a minute to notice that categories are shown on the mid-section of the page: Destinations, Hotels, Cruises, Vacation Rentals, Lifestyle, Flights and Skystuff. This section also shows what are the auctions, who are closing soon and what’s new with SkyAuction.
If you want to get the freshest customer’s reviews the page was generous about it. Next to the service section, their reviews powered by TrustPilot follow. However this doesn’t display similar results when you do the manual search for SkyAuction reviews. See for yourself:


​SkyAuction Reviews-complaintsSkyAuction keeps getting more and more complaints every day. Recently, I just stumbled upon Top 97 SkyAuction reviews or feedback about the auction travel site. They were even known for being fraud and a money-stealing company due to unknown and unrefunded charges. One consumer even lost $800 and was never contacted by SkyAuction.
One recent reviewer said: “I have looked extensively to find the physical address and email address for SkyAuction.com.If your question does not fit the consumer help FAQ, the site itself is a totally useless vehicle to find the company.

I find myself facing about $200 in extra expense not even hinted at on either the website or the travel voucher/confirmation.It may be anathema to their business model to permit customers to have direct contact with them but I think they earn enough from receiving payments from both the consumer and the retailer that there is no shortage of money.There is just nobody out there!”

Some other customers have paid over $1,100 for three tickets and were required to pay for $600 more. I wonder how SkyAuction goes away with such sums of money?
​SkyAuction Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                     www.skyauction.com
  • Contact number:               +1 212-486-5317
  • Fax Number:                      +1 212-486-9751 / 486-7566
  • Head Office Address:        501 Madison Ave #2, New York, NY 10022, United States

Advice to Revise

I am really confused why SkyAuction is showing two head office addresses. One in New York and the other one in New Jersey (241 North Ave. West Westfield, NJ 07090). Multiple numbers are showing as their customer service and fax numbers too. This confusion might be the reason why complaints and concerns remain unsolved. If I would have a complaint, I won’t even know which will be the legit number to call to provide my private information. I think with this, SkyAuction should have one legal information to avoid confusion.

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  1. I won an auction for a round trip hotel with air all inclusive vacation. They were unable to fill any dates I supplied no matter how many dates I gave. I was emailed this note: “As we were not able to fulfill your auction as requested, we have withdrawn you from this auction without penalty.” You cannot get any response from them. Be smart don’t bite, it is a scam.


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