​Southwest Airlines Reviews

Southwest Airlines Reviews

Southwest Airlines Reviews-Gary Kelly
Gary Kelly

Southwest Airlines was founded on March 15, 1967 as Air Southwest by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher as an air service within Texas to avoid federal regulation. However, facing some foes such as Braniff, Trans-Texas, and Continental Airlines, they started legal action against Air Southwest and this legal fight was even turned into a children’s book: Gumwrappers and Goggles in 1983. In March 1971, the name was officially changed to “Southwest Airlines” with a first inaugural flight on June 18, 1971.

Southwest Airlines Reviews-tricolor heartThe company logo is a tri-color heart which symbolizes the livery of the airline’s love, for the founder Ms. Kelleher believed, “A company is stronger if it is bound by love rather than by fear.”

The major American airline and largest low-cost airline has 694 aircraft serving 97 destinations internationally, and is headquartered at Dallas, Texas with the current CEO, Gary Kelly. Mr. Kelly has been with Southwest Airlines for 29 years. This airline was also awarded as one of the world’s most admired companies in 2014.

Inflight with Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Reviews-inflightThe airline has only one class of service that caters long and short-haul flights. Passengers are served with complimentary meals and beverages by Western or other international dishes and, also, Peanuts and Pretzels are complimentary snacks. To keep their customers entertained, there are two types of inflight entertainment sources on board, which are the following: Magazine and WiFi. The magazine consists of topics about pop culture, business, technology, sports, health, food and drink. Travelers can get connected with just $8 all day per device with their inflight connectivity

Official Website and Mobile App
At first, customers think that the website is just a plain grey background with a blue airplane icon and options to book flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, and vacations. But, when customers scroll down, the page will give more services such as checking flight status, check-in online option, manage booking, special offers, and information about the Rapid Rewards program.
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The official website was designed to be simple, visible, and user-friendly. Even the option to change the language to Spanish is located at the top right of the page. Southwest also has a travel app wherein customers can access the same functionality similar to the PC version. The mobile is ready to download for iOS and Android users.

Southwest Airlines Reviews of Travellers
The airline is receiving mixed comments based on some of Southwest Airlines reviews. However, mostly are negative feedback wherein travelers are saying that Southwest is horrible, unethical, lousy, and a total disappointment. Some are really satisfied with their services that they said they have great customer service, are sensitive to needs, and are a great low-cost airline.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                www.southwest.com
  • Contact number:          +1 800 435 9792
  • Fax Number:                 +1 214 792 40 11
  • Head Office Address:   PO Box 36647-1CR Dallas, Texas, 75235, USA

According to some Southwest Airlines reviews I read, the airline is really adept in providing an accommodating and affordable service. I wonder why they don’t try to expand their cabin classes to explore their potential. Serving as the largest low-cost airline with the 67th spot on The World’s Top 100 airlines? Really, Southwest? I know you can do better than this.

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  1. I recently flew on a Southwest Airlines new 737-800 from St. Louis to Washington National and it was a very comfortable experience. The flight was full going there and on the way back but the cabin crew was very helpful and able to get to us very quickly. When we checked our bags, even with it being about 50 of us in the group, they were able to take care of us pretty quickly along with taking care of the other people not with our group at the same time. Overall, I would recommend flying with Southwest.


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