10 Amazing Libraries around the World

Most people would probably visit museums, amusement parks, restaurants and resorts during their travels. Visiting libraries isn’t common in people’s itinerary, so here’s a list of 10 Amazing Libraries around  the World.  

The Old Library in Dublin, Ireland


The Book of Kells, Book of Durrow and Book of Howth are contained in this library along with 200,000 other old books. Some of the books can be dated back in the 9th century. The old library is part of the Trinity College Library and is the masterpiece of Thomas Burgh. The Long Room doesn’t only hold books but marble busts of famous philosophers and writers as well such as Aristotle, Claudius Gilbert, Plato, William Shakespeare, Socrates and more. This library will surely appeal to historians, academics, students etc.

Austrian National Library in Vienna, Austria


Austria is famous for its unique libraries. One in particular is the Austrian National Library. During the old days, kings and emperors lived in the Hofburg Palace where the National library stands. There are over 7.4 million items inside the library. Other than the books, the huge fresco painted by Daniel Gran and the statues of Habsburg rulers  are main attractions inside the library.

Seattle Central Library in Seattle, USA


Talk about an architectural masterpiece. The geometric design of the library and its transparency makes it one of the best libraries ever established in the world. There are over 1.45 millions books and 400 computers for public access in the library. The library opened in 2004 and has been attracting thousands of people around the world.

Philological Library in Berlin, Germany


The study for history and development of language or languages is expanded in this library. The library serves as a study place for the students of the Free University of Berlin, some people call it “the Berlin brain.”

Handelingenkamer in The Hague, Netherland


Natural light guides reader’s eyes when reading during the day because of the glass dome. The strong colors of red, green and gold gives life to the interior design of the library which was inspired by aesthetics from China. There are three upper levels of books which can be climbed with a spiral stairway.

LiYuan Library in Beijing, China


This library closes at sunset because there is no electric supply to provide lighting for readers. To embrace and preserve nature, Li Xiaodong designed this wooden library to help readers enjoy their books with the perfect ambiance. This library is not that big compared to others since it’s only 175-square-meters.

Stuttgart City Library in Stuttgart Germany


This modern design inspired by the ancient Pantheon is one of the most innovative architectural design of the 21st century. The library takes a form of a square with a grid effect. The library amplifies the saying “less is more” with its minimalism design. The walls are covered with shelves of books and the library is also perfect to socialize and exchange of ideas.

Joe and Rika Mansueto Library in Chicago, USA


It was hard looking for the perfect area to build the library since the University of Chicago is already crowded. So instead of a tall building, the architectural firm of Murphy/Jahn decided to build an egg-shaped library. The egg is not standing in this matter. The oval shape of the building was perfect because half of the library is built underground to contain 3.5 million books. The Joe and Rika Mansueto library is the humpty dumpty of libraries.

Geisel Library in San Diego, USA


Dr. Seuss or Theodor Seuss Geisel and his wife Audrey were commemorated with the building of this library. This was also a way to promote the contribution of the couple to the world of Literary. The brutalist style of the building was the product of Architect William Pereira’s mind. The entire building looks kinda like a star ship made of legos by a brilliant young mind.

Vancouver Public Library in Vancouver, Canada


If the Stuttgart library was inspired by the Pantheon, then the Vancouver public library takes the form of the great Colosseum, not that big though. The library has over 9.5 reading, listening and viewing materials for learning and leisure purposes. This library brings a little piece of Italy to Canada.

These are just 10 of the most amazing libraries around the world, there are hundreds of them. You might not be a bookworm, but don’t miss the opportunity to visit one or two of these libraries in your lifetime.

Hope you guys had a great time reading this article, feel free to leave your comments below.


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