10 Best Travel Apps for 2017 mobile device

10 Best Travel Apps for 2017

The 10 Best Travel Apps for 2017 run the gamut of the whole travelling experience, ranging in nature from traditional booking apps to translators and converters bridging nations together, to information arsenals regarding flights and destinations, and finally to travel assistants handy for you every step of the way. The variety here in our list shows the immense possibilities and opportunities travellers have in making their lives easier and more convenient this 2017.

1. TripIt


TripIt will create a master travel itinerary plan for you instead, when you send your confirmation emails to them at plans@tripit.com. If you can’t send to this address, TripIt can import straight from your Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook.com, or Yahoo! mail inbox. The master plan will include maps and driving directions to destinations, and you can access it anywhere and share to family and friends. It even gives you the option the be synced with your own calendar so your new itinerary appears alongside your other events and meetings.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: TripIt App

2. FlightHub


A one-stop shop for all your travel needs, FlightHub is where you can shop for cheap and updated prices for flights, hotels, and cars. Use their search feature to hunt for the ideal travel need with their easy customisation and other interactive features of their proprietary technology. Looking for the perfect seat on the plane and for the perfect hotel is easy with seat maps and map locators, along with more than 80 million customer reviews to help pick a place to stay in.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: FlightHub App

3. TripAdvisor


Famous travel service TripAdvisor has more than 350 million reviews and opinions, to which app users can add their own and upload photographs when sharing their travel experiences. These information help one discover the best hotels, restaurants, and cool things to do in any destination. The TripAdvisor app also allows the booking of affordable flights, hotels, and restaurants. Explore their massive database to get an idea of something you might like to do or visit, and get started with their discussions and community.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: TripAdvisor App

4. Airbnb


Frequenting the 10 Best Travel Apps for 2017 lists is accommodation pioneer Airbnb, which gives hosts a chance to make money and rent out their property, and guests to snatch the most ideal and unique ones from the Airbnb roster. You can select from more than 2.5 million accommodations in over 190 countries, whether you’re looking for last-minute or long-term stays. Communication between the guests and hosts is supported by the app, and the app also allows the booking and discovery of experiences and places.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: Airbnb App

5. JustFly


The JustFly app has more than 900,000 hotels to stay with, 150 airlines to fly with, and 30,000 car rental locations from more than 170 countries. Anyone can search for what travel service they need on their constantly updated system. The JustFly team negotiates with their partners to give users the best and most recent prices so you know you’re booking at the best rate. Like FlightHub, it offers instant e-ticket delivery and special features such as maps and customer reviews.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: JustFly App

6. Google Translate


Inarguably a must-have for travellers headed into a country where they can’t speak the language, Google Translate helps you understand with a large number of aspects of translation covered. If typing, you can translate between 103 languages, though you can also dictate, instant camera, and take pictures of text in order to translate. As mentioned, several ways to get your translation are available on Google Translate, such as the additional handwriting, copy-paste, and their instant speech translation.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: Google Translate

7. XE Currency


Now, we have the world’s most popular foreign exchange app: XE Currency, which covers all the world’s currencies and precious metals. Their exact rates refresh on a minute basis with the last updated rates being saved for viewing even if offline. You can shake your device to reset the rates, and further personalise your settings.

You can convert currencies, rate the highs and lows for multiple time frames, and monitor up to 10 currencies at the same time.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: XE Currency

8. FlightAware


This review is showing a lot of practical travel apps like the earlier ones on our list, and to add to that would be live flight status and flight tracker FlightAware. Enter the flights you want to learn more about by entering in their aircraft registration, route, airline, flight number, city pair, or airport code. You’ll even be alerted of the flights that are passing overhead – the tracking data results will show complete flight details and full-screen maps. Be alerted on your flights with real-time push notification and other alerts.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: FlightAware App

9. LoungeBuddy


Use LoungeBuddy to get a deeper access into the more than 2,800 lounges of more than 900 of the world’s busiest airports. This app will help you discover and book airport lounges, when you inform them of any elite statuses, lounge memberships, or premium credit cards you may have. If you’re wondering what a particular lounge offers, check out the photos and reviews of fellow LoungeBuddy users before you go ahead and pay for that access. You can directly book using the app, and discover more information about the world’s lounges for a better airport and travel experience.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: here: LoungeBuddy App

10. Citymapper


This urban transit app is present in many world cities, and has been reinventing the way people go around the city. Built for the daily commuter, Citymapper shows users the best combinations or best ways to go from one place to another using various transport modes such as walking, bus, subway, train, ferry, taxi (Uber, Lyft), car share, and bike share – all in real-time, taking into consideration disruptions and schedules.

To download the app, click at the link or image above or click here: Citymapper App

Whatever purpose you’re using your app for, there will always be one that you can use and trust to give you the results you need. What can you say about our 10 Best Travel Apps for 2017 reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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