10 Most Dangerous Roads

10 Most Dangerous Roads

After I purchased my car, I remember one time when mom told me that I didn’t just buy a new vehicle, but also had set one foot in the grave. Mother knows best, not because she knows what’s right but because it is not really safe on the road. You can be extremely careful driving, but still end up in an accident. So be careful. In this article we’ll be listing the 10 most dangerous roads where you need to be ultra, mega, super, extra extra careful in driving, passing or transiting.

1. Commonwealth Avenue
10 Most Dangerous Roads-Commonwealth Avenue

Infamous in Philippines as the “Killer Highway” which isn’t high in mountains, bridged low over water, or even riddled with sharp turns. In fact, it’s just a normal 7.5-mile urban highway, and a wide one at that with up to 18 lanes. What causes fatalities and casualties to over thousands annually results from the heavy volume of traffic.

2. Atlantic Road
10 Most Dangerous Roads-Atlantic Road

Being one of the most scenic road trips in Europe this road in Norway has its dark stories. The five-mile highway links islands between Kristiansund and Molde, boasts eight bridges, and has an infamous stretch along the ocean that gets battered by massive waves and fierce winds during storms. Conditions get crazy enough that you’ll wish you stayed in Oslo.

3. Vitim River Bridge
10 Most Dangerous Roads-Vitim River Bridge

Sorry not sorry, that’s not a misspelled “Victim”, but it is literally like your VICTIM River Bridge in Siberia. Considering its reputation as one of the scariest roads in the world, which seems strange until you realize just how few people dare to drive here. The answer? Not many. The super-old structure is barely wide enough for a standard car and there are no railings, just ice over decaying wood.

4. The Stelvio Pass
10 Most Dangerous Roads-Stelvio Pass

The insane pass located 9,045 ft up in the Eastern Alps of Italy is more dangerous than it really is. The road climbs almost two kilometers and, with just a low concrete barrier between you and the steep mountain drop, it’s best not to look down. One wrong move could send you over the cliffs.

5. Trollstigen10 Most Dangerous Roads-Trollstigen

It’s quite similar in appearance to the Stelvio Pass of Italy though this Troll Ladder, as the locals call it in Norway, is known as such since the name itself is close to that word. The mad inclines, 11 hairpin bends and narrow passes contribute to the nation’s 208 annual road deaths.

6. Skippers Canyon Road
10 Most Dangerous Roads-Skippers Canyon Road

Hold your horses, permission is actually needed to drive this badass mountain road in New Zealand. Why, because it’s dangerous. How narrow it is? Let’s simply wish you good luck on running into some vehicle coming from the other direction meaning one of the drivers should have to reverse up to 3km to create enough space for both to pass through.

7. Karakoram Highway
10 Most Dangerous Roads-Karakoram Highway

The government of Pakistan named it the “Friendship Highway” for being the highest paved international road in the world because it connects China and Pakistan across the Karakoram mountain range. But here comes the danger, the highway is prone to landslides and floods一unpaved in Pakistan road.

8. Taroko Gorge Road
10 Most Dangerous Roads-Taroko Gorge Road

With heavy typhoons, seismic activity, blind bends, narrow roads, mountain drops and every type of transportation possible vying for space, this has evidently been the reason why it’s on the 3rd spot on the list of 10 Most Dangerous Roads. The name of the road, translated as “Magnificent and Splendid”, contributes to 96,611 road annual records of deaths in Taiwan. Not so magnificent at all.

9. Guoliang Tunnel Road
10 Most Dangerous Roads-Guoliang Tunnel Road

The English translation of this infamous road in China means “Road that tolerates no mistakes.” It was actually just built by 13 local villagers in the Taihang Mountains (many of whom died during construction). Before the construction of this mountain pass, the village was cut off from the rest of civilization by the surrounding cliffs. Although it doesn’t see much traffic, due to its construction it is inherently fairly dangerous.

10. Yungas Road
10 Most Dangerous Roads-Yungas Road

Most people will say “We’d rather hitchhike the Highway to Hell than take our chances with this road in Bolivia“. Our second and first from the 10 Most Dangerous Roads list always appear on any list when we talk about dangerous roads.

Moving forward, the considered-most-dangerous road  in the world has been legendary for its extreme danger. 200-300 random travellers are killed annually along the road. While traversing this road, cross markings are visible which were in fact spots where vehicles have fallen. If this image doesn’t make you backout, then it’s at your own risk.

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