11 Facts about Hungary

11 Interesting Facts about Hungary

Who wouldn’t want to learn new things? Every week we’ll be gathering factual feed on TravelObservers from several countries to fill your knowledge cup with savory details of discoveries and things you need to know. This week, we featured the country of potentials: Hungary. Join us as we unfold 11 Interesting Facts about Hungary!

11 Facts about Hungary-Erno RubikMr. Ernő Rubik is a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture. What’s so interesting about him? He was actually the first and original inventor of The Rubik’s Cube, which was originally called as the Magic Cube.

The constitutional union of  the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary, which was known as Austria-Hungary was actually the initiator of World War I. When they declared war against on July 28, 1914.

The country was ranked as one of the 30 most popular tourist destinations in the world. Annually attracts over 11 million tourists.

Nothing beats understanding where the name of the country was originated. Just to let you know, it’s nothing related to being Hungry. Kidding aside. Hungary came from the Medieval Latin word “Hungaria” which actually means “Land of the Huns”

11 Facts about Hungary-Széchenyi thermal bathThere are approximately 500 places in the country where thermal water occurs. That means you can find water with temperature above 30°C in 70% of Hungary. There are about 150 spas in the country where you can bathe and the famous “Széchenyi Thermal Bath” is one of it.

Literacy of total population is 99%.

Naming their kid in Hungary is not as easy as coming up with one to just write it down. No, it doesn’t work that way. Parents are required to select from a pre-approved list of names. But of course, who wouldn’t want to make the name of his child unique? Unfortunately, it has to go on a certain application to the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and hope it gets approved.

11 Facts about Hungary-River RideThere’s a ride in Hungary which locals call RiverRide, where literally it’s a floating bus and the only vehicle for tourists in Budapest which can splash into the water while sailing on  the river Danube.

One of the oldest European countries, which was actually founded in A.D. 896 and that was before France, Germany, England and before the unification of Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms.

Paprika is Hungary’s most popular spice and a symbol of its cuisine. It is made out of ground dried peppers, also called paprika, which refuse to grow anywhere other than Hungary. It was first used in the 16th century as a food preservative.

11 Facts about Hungary-Béla BarényiThe Hungarian-born engineer, Mr. Béla Barényi was credited with having conceived the basic design for the Volkswagen Beetle in 1925. He was also the inventor of 2,500 inventions in the automobile industry, including Passive Safety in 1951 which divided the car into three collision zones. Crash tests are still associated with his name.

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