20 Reasons to Go to Japan

It would be a great privilege for every individual to visit the “Land of the Rising Sun,” Japan. Indulge into their dynamic culture that has improved greatly throughout the years.

If you plan on going to japan and your itinerary plan is only to eat sushi and watch their peculiar yet brilliant game shows, then you need to read this list of 20 reasons to go to Japan. Ikimashou or Let’s go in english.

  1. Anime- Who doesn’t want to visit the birthplace of anime. Fanatics are going crazy for the wide variety of anime features, merchandise, commercial business and entertainment only available in Japan. Find your way to tokyo and storm the entrance gate of the Suginami Animation museum and meet all the famous anime characters you love so much. Many people might not have a certain affection as others towards anime, but maybe if they see the rich culture with their own eyes, they’d understand why some people stay up all night just to finish their favorite anime season.
  2. Sakura- See the cherry blossoms with your own eyes and most of all wait for the Hanami or flower viewing that signals the end of winter and the beginning of the Sakura bloom.
  3. Mt. fuji- Take a selfie behind the majestic 12,389 ft Fujisan then post it on your facebook and be the envy of all your friends stuck back home.
  4. Sushi- Sushi has been replicated in hundred of countries so why not consume the food from where it actually originated and learn the proper way of eating it?
  5. Ramen- Most people these days probably found out about ramen while watching naruto eating at ichiraku with his teacher Iruka. Ramen is taken more deeply and seriously in its home country.
  6. PlayStation- Go to Minato, Tokyo, Japan and go straight to the Sony Computer Entertainment headquarters and have your PlayStation controller autographed by the elites who created the beautiful gaming system.sony-playstation-logo__130124125802
  7. Pac-Man- For all the fans of the vintage game Pac-Man, this is your opportunity to, well, play Pac-Man where it originates from, so you know, added sentimental value.
  8. Samurai- There has been an active debate whether China or Japan introduced the Samurai to the world. Anyways who wouldn’t want to visit the Samurai Armor Tokyo Central Gallery and finally see what these ancient warriors looked like.
  9. Zen Gardens- Vistas of dry landscapes designed with rocks that introduced a whole new idea to gardens, most Zen gardens are small, but that doesn’t matter, the stories behind them are worth the overseas travel.
  10. Cosplay World – Forget about Comic-con for now or any convention for now, go to Japan and ask the citizens for advice about cosplaying.
  11. Shinobi or Ninja- Don’t really know who’s better, samurai’s or ninja’s, over the past few years the idea of ninjas has been shown through different forms of communication like anime, cosplay, movies and other channels.
  12. Tokyo- A mixture of era’s, spend your morning going to temples and then get blasted every night singing karaoke with your friends. Tokyo has so much to offer for different interest like sports, don’t ever miss out on going to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan sumo wrestling arena. Then while walking around the biggest city in Japan and the world take your time to appreciate the great metropolis and tell yourself that you are standing in the very city which Godzilla rampaged through.tokyo-japan-10
  13. Takayama- Embrace the aura of Spring and Autumn, while enjoying the historic merchant district in Sanmachi Suji. Also treat yourself to go see paper lanterns and puppet shows.
  14. Niseko- If you’re into skiing or water sports you’ll need to check out the beautiful town of Niseko, Hokkaido.
  15. Osaka-  A wide selection of merchandise awaits everyone for the ultimate shopping experience. Go to malls, underground arcades and fill yourself up with takoyakis.
  16. Firefly Squid- Get a chance to witness the amazing light show of glowing squids in the Toyama Bay, Japan. Millions of squids get together to lay their eggs and create a magnificent light show in the coast.Glowing-Firefly-Squid-of-Japan-The-Blue-Glowing-Blob
  17. Yakuza- Not to put yourself in danger, but it may be a good opportunity to learn about the life of the Yakuza and their different stories.
  18. Science and Technology- Learn more about the innovation of Japan’s robotics, electronics and automotive industry. Unbelievable and out-of-this-world inventions from high-tech cameras to advanced robotics. Look at this robotic behemoth, would you spend your life saving just to have one of this in your room?885781-japan-technology-robot
  19. Canon- For all photographers and multimedia-individuals out there,visit the historic place where the first 35mm focal-plane shutter rangefinder camera or first canon camera was invented.
  20. Pokemon – Who doesn’t love pokemon? Probably fans of digimon, just kidding.  Pokemon has played a huge role in the life of kids, even adults, take your time and visit the biggest Pokemon center in Tokyo. Witness statues, merchandise and a media show of the beautiful monsters.

It would be divine if an individual could indulge in all the things listed on this list. It’s not impossible, the possibility is very high, you just have to posses a sense of curiosity, adventure and whimsy. Japan has so much to offer, they say money can’t buy happiness right? It would probably cost you a lot to experience all of this, but looks like money does buy happiness. Not being greedy, simply think about enjoying the opportunities given to you in life. So what are you waiting for? pack your baggage, prepare your money, if your passport is expired renew it then fly to Japan.


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  1. Number 18 in this list is my primary reason of visiting Japan. Going to study a little and then participate into some science and technology lectures.


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