Perfect places to seek Solitude

They say that through traveling, people tend to find the things they are looking for. Not only do they find their passion, they also find themselves; but most of all, they find solitude. Seeking solitude doesn’t necessarily mean involuntary isolation, […]


CruiseDirect Review

The most general thing to enter our mind when we hear the word travel is flying. Not literally flying, flying as in air travel. Most people these days probably have no interest in other vehicles for traveling great distances. When […]


Majestic Skyscrapers around the World

It’s a common dream for architects in this world to someday build their own Skyscraper overlooking an entire city. Skyscrapers are man-made architectural legacies that stand the test of time. Travelers can’t miss Skyscrapers, simply because their tall, duh, and […]


Directline Holidays Review

Managing your itinerary weeks before your flight is genius. Just like in war, always come prepared, they say that the best things in life are the unexpected ones, in some cases that might be true. Preparation and precision provides happiness, […]


Yatra Review

‘‘Confidence is key.” Key for what? There’s a lot of closed doors in this world, doors that differ in so many aspects in life. That statement is both complete and incomplete if you think about it, that’s why people added […]


CheapOair Review

Cheap, cheap, cheap, this word has been viewed as somehow negative and positive. The positive thought is that people are able to gain things and services they want despite their financial status. The negative part is that, something cheap, is […]


The Problematic Traveler

You know how people say, “you should travel; traveling is one of the best things in life; don’t miss out on it.” The best getaway isn’t always that perfect, one small problem might eventually lead another and then, you’ll have […]