Logitravel Reviews

Logitravel Reviews Logitravel was founded by genius web programmers and internet entrepreneur from Mallorca, Spain in 2004. Their united aim was to create a travel site that will engage customers to create their own travel experience and schedule them accordingly. […]


5 Facts about Greenland

5 Facts about Greenland Did you know that Greenland is the biggest island on this planet? Want more? In Greenland there are no ants to be found, studies show that ants increase in number or their habitats are in tropical […]


Vayama Reviews

Vayama Reviews “Vayama” is a term used for a cougar, jaguar, thylacine, or any other animal resembling the tiger. I wonder, how it is even related to travel? Well, Vayama was originally established in 2007 as a unique travel site […]