Icelandair Reviews

Icelandair Reviews Do you know that Iceland has the most active volcano area in the world and the largest waterfall and glacier in Europe? Iceland has the cleanest population in the world with long life expectancy. Well, do you know […]


​SkyAuction Reviews

​SkyAuction Reviews SkyAuction was founded in 1999 by Mr. Michael Hering who is also the CEO, but unfortunately there’s no definite biography or a picture of this said CEO. SkyAuction remains a privately owned company for over 15 years now. […]


KLM Reviews

KLM Reviews Have you dreamt to roam around Amsterdam with a bicycle? Where piles of restaurants and coffee shops are just near the water view. Poffertjes, Bitterballen, Stroopwafels, Rookworst, Appeltaart, and Koffie Verkeerd, do they sound familiar? I bet they […]


Venere Reviews

Venere Reviews The birth of Venus? Venere’s symbolic logo as Venus; goddess of love and beauty’s birth. What kind of image has Venere shown their customers? Let us take a closer look. Venere’s Birth Venere was founded in 1995 by […]


Copa Airlines Reviews

Copa Airlines Reviews Copa Airlines’ company slogan “Connected, everything is possible.” shows a strong conviction that the airlines can accommodate all passengers regardless of where they’re from or where they’re headed. The airlines has been operating for 7 decades. Let’s […]


OpenTable Reviews

​OpenTable Reviews The main reason why I wrote this review is basically because OpenTable is part of The Priceline Group and  I recently made reviews about other companies with them: Kayak, Priceline and Agoda. OpenTable is an American online restaurant […]


Aer Lingus Reviews

Aer Lingus Reviews Why did the national flag carrier of Ireland use a three leaf clover as their company logo? Maybe they’re not lucky enough, “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”. Let’s see how far they soar in the aviation […]