Travelation Reviews

Travelation Reviews Get the exalted feeling of pride with Travelation. “Save money, Rest easy” is stated on their hotel reservation page, wherein “Save a bundle” is on the car rental page. This is a lot to offer just with the […]


Vietnam Airlines Reviews

​​Vietnam Airlines Reviews Remember when the famous violinist Jascha Heifetz said “There is no top. There are always further heights to reach.” The airline taught me that lesson too. For they dream big, reach further and climb higher which lead […]


Govolo Reviews

Govolo Reviews Govolo was established in 2007 and they are specialized in providing the lowest price for airfares, holiday packages online. The travel shop online sells the best flight deals from over 500 airlines. They also cater services for B2B […]


United Airlines Reviews

United Airlines Reviews In 1925, the US government enacted the Contract Air Mail Act, which decided that the US Army Air Corps is incapable of carrying air mail service. With that, a privately owned company was hired to do the […]


Wanderu Reviews

Wanderu Reviews Wanderu sprouted from an idea of Polina Raygorodskaya and Igor Bratnikov, they were on a cross-country campaign to raise GreenXC and National Parks. Along the way their recorded transportation was cancelled that they struggled to get a bus […]


April Fools’ Day Pranks in Travel

April Fools’ Day Pranks in Travel Since it’s April Fools’ Day, we are here to gather several travel related stories and jokes which are indeed real, no just kidding. They are in fact a joke. Did you get it this […]


Transaero Reviews

Transaero Reviews Hearing the news about Transaero’s shutdown this coming end of the year piqued my interest to write a review about the airlines, as to what happened and what caused this decision to just cease operations? Join me as […]


​JetRadar Reviews

​JetRadar Reviews JetRadar traces its roots back to 2007 by Konstantin Kalinov. He’s an airfare blogger and the idea of searching cheap flights started with an article, after the Russian airfare distribution’s liberalization commenced the operations of selling e-tickets of […]