Air Cairo Reviews

Air Cairo Reviews Initially, Air Cairo was established in 2003 just to operate charter flights to Europe and the Middle East, but just in 3-4 years, the airline’s growth was quick that it owned four new aircraft which made them […]


Amadeus Reviews

Amadeus Reviews Amadeus is a two Latin word combination which means ama(To Love) and deus(God) and is also the middle name of the brilliantly renowned Austrian composer from the 1700’s: Wolfgang “Amadeus” Mozart, famous for the pieces: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, […]


EVA Air Reviews

EVA Air Reviews During the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Evergreen Marine Corporation’s founding in September 1988, chairman Chang Yung-fa announced his company’s intentions to establish Taiwan’s first private international airline.  EVA Airways Corporation was formally established in March […]


Fare Buzz Reviews

Fare Buzz Reviews “To infinity and beyond” as said by Buzz Lightyear. But what is the real score behind the name of the travel site Fare Buzz? Here’s what we’ve got. Based on etymology, buzz means “a busy rumour” or […]


What Your Passport Color Really Means

What Your Passport Color Really Means Travelers don’t have a lot of say in how their passports look. It’s hard to take a flattering picture, you can’t choose which inspiration quotes frame your stamped pages, and you can’t choose the […]


Fiji Airways Reviews

Fiji Airways Reviews The country found on the South Pacific is not just all about an archipelago with 300 islands, because it’s famous for its palm-lined beaches, blue lagoons and landscape: a natural attraction for a lot of tourists. In […]


AllCheapFares Reviews

This year, we wanted to go places, take a vacation or have a family trip. Travelling had been one of the most exciting adventures someone had ought to take. However, travelling may also be anyone’s worst nightmare. That’s the reason […]


9 Packing Hacks for Travelling

9 Packing Hacks for Travelling No matter what the length of the trip — be it a weekend beach getaway or a three-week trek — you’ll need to pack a bag, and you’ll want to pack it right. Here, we’ll […]


WestJet Reviews

WestJet Reviews Is it a false accusation against a former pilot or did WestJet get a lead to something else? If you’ll recall the news 2 days ago, when a former pilot sued Westjet, alleges false accusation over bomb threats. […]