5 Amazing Places with the Weirdest Natural Phenomenon earth

5 Amazing Places with the Weirdest Natural Phenomenon

The world is filled with a lot of bizarre sights and experiences. This is the reason many travel: to get to a new place that offers them a change of scene from their daily life. But, in some locations around the world, there occur some truly weird and exceptional natural phenomenon that make you want to reexamine why you travel and where it can take you.

1. United States of America Butterfly Mass Migration

5 Amazing Places with the Weirdest Natural Phenomenon migration butterfly

In the United States and Canada, something truly weird but visually tantalising occurs during the harsh winter months. In this season, monarch butterflies from the States migrate en masse towards warmer destinations to escape the biting cold. Going to either southern or western places, the sight of swarms of yellow and black spotted butterflies and millions of pairs of wings is a phenomenon you can catch every late summer to autumn when these monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico or other warmer places.

2. Israel’s Dead Sea

5 Amazing Places with the Weirdest Natural Phenomenon Dead Sea

Children may have learned about this salty lake’s high salt concentration and wished they could go for a fun dip. People who want to experience instant flotation in the Dead Sea need only settle in the salty waters. Because, the saline lake bordering Israel, Jordan, and Palestine has an unusually high salt concentration of 31.5%, letting anyone enjoy the feeling of weightlessness in it.

3. Namibia’s Fairy Circles

5 Amazing Places with the Weirdest Natural Phenomenon fairy circle

In the Namib Desert, across 2,500 km of desert land are scattered millions of circular patches of bare soil arranged in a pattern on the sands of Namibia. The sight of them is spine-tingling. At first impression, I thought they were the handwork of aliens or as one hypothesis proffers, the work of the gods themselves.

These crop circle-like fairy circles as they are called are all between 2 to 15 meters in diameter. They themselves do not support vegetation. A number of theories had arisen explaining their existence – from sand termites sucking out their plants’ roots to store water within the circles to the scientific theory that toxins from some plants killed life in circles across the land.

4. Mount Olympus’ Lenticular Clouds

5 Amazing Places with the Weirdest Natural Phenomenon lenticular cloud

In high altitudes, a natural phenomenon occurs when moist air forms at mountaintops – for instance – forming a stationary disc-shaped cloud above Greece’s highest mountain Mount Olympus. These lenticular lens-shaped clouds form in many layers in some places. Owing to the origins behind their formation, Mount Olympus’ lenticular clouds form in the mountain’s troposphere. Looking like odd-shaped clouds, the formation’s resemblance to our ideas of UFOs served as an the explanation behind some UFO sightings.

5. Japan Volcanic Lightning

5 Amazing Places with the Weirdest Natural Phenomenon volcano lightning

One natural phenomenon you might want to see in your lifetime occurs in Japan’s volcanoes. Here in these dangerous terrain, volcanic eruptions are coupled with actual lightning, making you feel like you just entered a real live inferno and are looking at a truly breathtaking sight. Others explain that during the eruption, the positively charged debris react with the negative charges in the air, causing a lot of friction and bolts of lightning storms.

5 Amazing Places with the Weirdest Natural Phenomenon world

Travelling is about finding the unusual and learning more about the world. Take a meaningful trip around earth, where you’ll find some answers and discover behind some intriguing phenomenon.

What can you say about our review on some of the earth’s weird natural phenomena? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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