5 Amazing Travel Adventures

Why do people travel? To experience something new? Learn about new cultures? Taste different kinds of cuisine? Whatever the reason, there will always be a level of adventure to engage in. Here are some amazing stories of individuals who had the urge to travel one day and ended up making the whole world their home.

The man who traveled the world for three years to make a six minutes video.

Alex Chacon, a traveler who always had a GoPro on a stick travelled the world for almost 200,000km within 41 countries in three years. Alex travelled from one country to another and took a 360° video of himself around famous landmarks, buildings, archaeological site and attractions. He arrived in Times Square, attended the Indian Holi Festival, went skydiving above luling Texas, stood at the White Sands National Momentum in New Mexico. We can enumerate all of the places he visited, up to now, he still continues to travel and share his experience of travelling the entire world. Alex Chacon has his own website called http://www.modernmotodiaries.com/, make sure to visit the website and see his amazing videos as he rides his Royal Enfield and tour the world day and night.



Photographer Murad Osmann and his soulmate Natalia Zakharova visited the best travel attractions scattered all over the world and took pictures of their hand holding, with Natalia in front and as if she is pulling Murad toward the destination. This concept of photography produced by Murad made its way to the world and has amazed millions of people. They took a picture at the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, they rode a helicopter and took a picture in front of the Hollywood sign, a photo was also shot with them hanging out with the elephants in India. Their love led them to France, Moscow, Singapore, Venice and will continue to take them to beautiful places. You can follow Murad’s instagram account, muradosmann, to view all of his pictures.


Death is my teacher

Ying Tey lost his mother when she was just 18 years old. “Death is a great teacher. It reminds you almost mockingly, that everyone is stamped with an expiration date,” Ying said.

After that tragedy, Ying decided to do something that would make her feel alive like she’d never felt before. After saying “See ya” to the corporate world, Ying packed up all of her belongings and started her adventure. She is known as the “Tiny Wanderer” who embraced wanderlust and everything it provides. That passion of hers flew her to Maldives, Romania, Albania, Philippines, and more.


I love you, Travel

Liz Carlson worked hard to graduate with a degree in Education. She found herself teaching in Spain and then she felt passive, as if the path she took wasn’t the right one. Then, enters the loving and amazing idea of Travelling. It was love at first step. Unfortunately, there were some bumps along the road and her adventure was put on hold when she moved back home to Washington, D.C., and started a more passive and self-draining office job. After a sudden realization of taking the wrong direction, Liz decided to pursue writing to start saving up money to get back on track. She did more than just recover, she created a whole new path for her towards freedom, adventure and happiness. Liz continues to travel the world and write about her experience, she also encourages people to do  the same. Don’t remain contained.


Leap forward

Kim Dinan had a great job, a home and a loving husband, yet she feels incomplete. It’s not that she doesn’t find the ways to appreciate her life more, because she does, but deep down she always wanted to do something, a dream that she wanted to turn into reality. Kim then decided to sell everything she owned and put everything she had into travelling with her husband. Her mom even told her to buy a bigger house she saved up, but she refused, knowing what she wanted was the first step for her. Despite some struggles along the road, Kim believed in the fact that the sole reason she pursued her dreams without doing anything immoral and everything a product of hardwork would pay off, and it did, Kim pursued writing and is now making a living to support her appetite for wanderlust. Kim has guts, I wonder what her husband’s job was?Just kidding, the bottomline is this, Kim took a leap forward without knowing what was going to happen. she might fall or she might land, Kim flew, because sometimes the scariest decisions in life are the best ones.


After reading their stories, do you feel the urge to travel? I know you did, but no rush, take time to prepare or maybe find a companion to go with so you don’t have to travel alone. It’s time to travel, it’s time for an adventure. 


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