5 Best Diving Spots in the World

5 Best Diving Spots in the World

“Outer beauty attracts but inner beauty captivates.” 一Kate Angell

Last month, we gave you the 10 best surfer’s paradise in the world. Where surfers would love to conquer over the ravest waves while strong winds create water current condition. Now, let us take a peek into the beauty of the deep blue sea. Let us conquer the underwater destinations with the 5 Best Diving Spots in the World!

5 Best Diving Spots in the World-Cocos-island#5 Cocos Islands
The island located in the Indian Ocean and territory of Australia. Know for its 20 diving spots and considered as the underwater version of Jurassic Park, where the waters are surrounded  by white-tip reef sharks and scalloped hammerheads. Cocos Island is a marine national park and tourists are not allowed to lodge on it, divers are not freely allowed to dive at their own risk. The only way to get to the island is aboard one of the comfortable and professional Costa Rican liveaboard dive boats that operate in the area from the Pacific town of Puntarenas.

#4 Maldives Reefs5 Best Diving Spots in the World-Maldives
Maldives is best known for its tropical beauty, it also holds the best scuba diving spots in the world. It is not the reef alone that makes the place a renowned diving spot, but also the species that are wandering around, such as sweetlips, parrotfish and colorful sponges. The Maldives were also recognized due to its clear warm waters and rich marine life. In 2004, Maldives was devastated by a tsunami which coral reefs were severely damaged, but now they are back to their pre-tsunami condition.

5 Best Diving Spots in the World-The-Great-Blue-Hole#3 The Great Blue Hole
Located in the largest city in the Central America with a depth initially measured at 125 m (410 ft). The hole was created thousand of years of age from collapsing of a limestone cave system. The book “Ten Years Underwater” was originally inspired with this tourist attraction. The Great Blue Hole became a popular scuba diving spot due to its crystal-clear water and several species including neon gobies and angelfish. The wonder of the hole is like a transition from salt to fresh water at about 15m.

5 Best Diving Spots in the World-SS-Thistlegorm#2 SS Thistlegorm
When diving is not all about clear waters and marine life. Who wouldn’t want to see the best wreck dive in the world? SS Thistlegorm was a British navy ship sunk in 1941 during World War II and lies 32m of water. The sunken ship is located in the Red Sea, where divers enjoy the length of 128m ship with the remnants of locomotives, tanks, trucks, jeeps, boots and rifles. Even the navy ship’s anti-aircraft gun is still visible underwater.

5 Best Diving Spots in the World-Sipadan-Island#1 Sipadan Island
Certainly, this is like the movies where a school of  barracuda surrounds you at Barracuda Point. There’s a lot of sea creatures at this famous diving site where turtles, sharks, parrotfish and more cruise around the Sipadan Island of Malaysia.  The Sipadan Island was known for its rich marine life and even ranked annually as one of the top dive destinations. Barracuda Point was the majority reason why the island was made famous.

Beauty is not just about the external appearance, but seeing the internal beauty gives a better overview of an individual. This alone doesn’t apply to humans only. We have surf over the water and explored under the sea. I hope this had inspired you to go through in and out of the sea.


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  1. In this article, my diver passion was ignited. I love to visit the SS Thistlegorm but it seems a little bit crowded. However, thanks to your article, I love to visit the Cocos Island now.


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