5 Best Draft Beers in the US by JustFly

5 Best Draft Beers in the US by JustFly
5 Best Draft Beers in the US by JustFly-baby draft beer
There are some things in life that people simply have to experience first-hand. If you’re a beer drinker, there are certain beers you have to drink, at least once. We’ve thought long and hard about what those quintessential beers are that everyone should try. If you truly love beer, you should try them all, even the bad ones, at least once. But, this list will get you started. Discover the 5 Best Draft Beers in the US by JustFly!

1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania5 Best Draft Beers in the US by JustFly-Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a neat city with a very rich past, and has a beer that can cure what “ales” you. This city in Pennsylvania has an impressive selection of beers: about four dozen of them on tap, to be exact. There are some places where you can get the best draft beer in Pittsburgh, which are Fat Head’s, The Sharp Edge, Le Mardi Gras, Kelly’s Bar and Lounge, and Church Brew Works. Pittsburgh’s diviest dive bars have craft beers on the menu. So, what sets apart a true “beer bar” in these parts? These spots hit the mark with a large number of fresh drafts in a variety of different styles, all served by knowledgeable staff, likely in stemware that you’re pretty sure make the beer taste better.

2. Portland, Oregon
5 Best Draft Beers in the US by JustFly-Portland

There’s a reason Oregon is called Beervana. Portland beat out every other city with the highest number of bars on the list of “Draft Magazine’s 100 Best Beer Bars in America” last year, with six places located in Portland, Oregon. These are APEX, Bailey’s TapRoom, Bazi Bierbrasserie, Belmont Station, Imperial Bottle Shop & TapRoom, and Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern. If you want a truly fantastic beer experience, there are a number of pubs, tap houses, and restaurants around town to sate your thirst here in Portland. Oregon is the No. 2 bar-hopping growing state in the country. Oregon had 206 brewing companies operating 246 brewing facilities in 72 cities.

3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5 Best Draft Beers in the US by JustFly-Philadelphia

While cities like San Francisco, Denver, and Portland squabble over the “best beer city in America” crown, this city sits back with a pint, or six, and chuckles. It’s not just the region’s wealth of nationally-recognized local breweries. It’s the bars themselves. Best bars? Belgian The Headhouse, City Taphouse, The Grey Lodge Pub, Tony’s Place, and Beer Yard. The personalities behind them and what they’re pouring – deep publican relationships with breweries, both in the states and outside them – means the city gets kegs no one else gets.

4. Richmond, Virginia
5 Best Draft Beers in the US by JustFly-Richmond

You probably already know about the brewing and cider scene in Richmond. You know about Mekong, America’s Best Beer Bar, and Hardywood Gingerbread Stout – one of the most sought-after and traded beers on the Internet – and you probably know that Stone Brewing has now opened their east coast facility in Richmond. The most popular bars in the city are Once Upon A Vine, Capital Ale House, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, Legend Brewing Company, and Strangeway Brewing. Cure your ales with the draft doctor.

5. Nashville, Tennessee
5 Best Draft Beers in the US by JustFly-Nashville

With outmoded state laws – like the legal split between high- and low-gravity beers, and the “franchise laws” of the wholesale distribution system – Nashville once seemed destined to remain a craft beer backwater. Whether kicking it at one of the many established bars in East Nashville, cherry-picking a favorite along 8th Ave, or searching for an alternative to the noisy honky-tonks on a downtown Saturday night, wherever you are, a craft draft pour is close at hand.

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