5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters by JustFly

5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters by JustFly

Drive-in theaters conjure sepia-toned images of vintage cars and nights spent under the stars, and while many old-school properties have transitioned over the years – adding high-tech features and larger screens – many remain true to their 1950s roots.
5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters by JustFly-drive-in-movie-theaters
Even today, moviegoers can still tune in to a double feature on an FM radio and munch on popcorn while enjoying a screening of the latest films. In this article, JustFly will be taking you back to a simpler time. Here are the 5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters by JustFly!

1. Wellfleet Drive-In
5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters by JustFly-wellfleet-drive-in

If we are talking about the best then Cape Cod, Massachusetts’ Wellfleet Drive-In is part of the 5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters by JustFly. As the only drive-in movie theater on Cape Cod, Wellfleet attracts quite a following. The old-school theater opened in 1957, and features daily double films on a 100-foot screen. Stock up on concessions at the drive-in’s popular dairy bar and grill, or sit back with a beer at the property’s outdoor cocktail bar.

2. Sala Montjuïc
5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters by JustFly-sala-montjuic

A curve in the wall of Barcelona’s Montjuïc Castle becomes a perfect alcove for a giant movie screen, with cinephiles camping out in the castle’s gardens for an open-air film. Live music and other special performances often precede the films: for example, a showing of “Gravity,” which will open this summer’s film festival on July 6, will start with live jazz music by The Wom Trio, then feature an aerial dance performance by the Del Revés company.

3. Cinespia
5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters by JustFly-cinespia

Cinespia screens movies on the grassy lawn of the historic Hollywood Forever Cemetery — yes, a real cemetery. Don’t worry: The Fairbanks Lawn, as it’s known, is vast enough that you won’t be sitting on any graves. But, if you arrive early enough to go exploring, you’ll see the final resting place of some Hollywood legends (the cemetery is adjacent to Paramount Studios, after all) including Jayne Mansfield, Peter Lorre, Rudolph Valentino, and Mel Blanc. DJs play music for picnickers until the sun sets, and then the feature begins.

4. Ciné Paris
5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters by JustFly-cine-paris

You’ve heard of rooftop bars, so why not a rooftop movie theater? Ciné Paris is a first-run movie theater with a twist: its single screen is located on the roof. Situated in the Plaka in Athens – it’s called Ciné Paris because its founder lived in France for a time – the unusual location also offers a glimpse of the Acropolis. On your way out, you can buy movie posters at the ground-level shop.

5. Bengies Drive-In
5 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters by JustFly-bengies-drive-in

The all-time favorite drive-in movie theater is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Moviegoers will feel like they’ve stepped into a time machine at Bengies Drive-In. The Baltimore theater opened in 1956 and still retains much of its historic charm. Visitors can tune in to films using an FM or AM radio and take in multiple features on a giant 6,240-square-foot screen. Make sure to arrive at twilight; films start at sunset, and continue running into the wee hours of the night.

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