5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks

5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks

Happy New Year! It’s another year for more travel plans and destinations. However, does it ever cross your mind to invite your kids over for an adventure they would surely love to come to? Don’t have an idea yet to where would you bring them along? No worries, just sit back and buckle up. Let us take you for a ride on the 5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks around the world.

5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks-Harmonyland1. Harmonyland
If your kids love Hello Kitty, My Melody and Chococat or the Sanrio characters then Harmonyland in Japan is the best place for them. Theme park includes Kitty Castle, Angel Coaster, Wonder Panorama or the large ferris wheel and Sanrio Characters Boat. Those are just the few attractions, not to mention Harmonyland’s daily parades and shows best for the season. Special assistance are provided such as stroller, wheelchair and hot water for baby formula. Prepare your sweet tooth with the four food establishments found within Harmonyland. To get more information about the world of Hello Kitty, click here.

2. Angry Birds land
5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks-angry-birds-land
From the famous mobile-gaming application where different short-tempered birds are fired by a Y-shooter to stop the army of bad green piggies. Now had grown massively and had inspired people of United Kingdom to build a theme park focused on the game itself. Rovio Entertainment, the creator of Angry Birds was excited to cross the world between digital to the real world. From the place itself, studios, prizes and merchandise; everything has the Angry Birds brand. To learn more about the theme park, click here. The Angry Birds land is located at Lightwater Valley Park, United Kingdom.

5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks-Nintendo-Amusement-Park3. Nintendo Amusement Park, New York
Do you want to get into the world where Mario hops and hits his head for prizes? Well this is basically the Super Mario World. From the creators of Mario, Nintendo joining hands with Universal Parks & Resorts resulted to a prestigious bridging to dimension of the Nintendo characters brought to life. Imagine yourself as Mario and run in a real-life obstacle course, with the hype of jumping while you are strapped into a bungee system for safety. And yes, moustache is provided.

4.  Legoland
5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks-LegolandTalking about kids who didn’t play Lego during their childhood years. Building buildings, battle tanks out of colorful blocks. Lego kept improving generation after generation. Have you seen how a shapeless boat turned into detailed submarines? Or how about X-Men made out of Legos? But wait there’s more, there’s now several theme parks which are made out of Legos, called as Legolands. However, this kiddie theme parks are not fully owned by Lego Group. Well, what you see is what you get. Everything in Legoland are made from just Legos. Imagine a world of Legos! There are already 6 Legolands world wide and 4 more under construction for Dubai Resort, Korea, Japan and Shanghai.

5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks-Disneyland5.  Disneylands
As a kid we love fairytales. Story of a Prince finding his Princess and live happily ever after. The magical world of Disneyland where the characters of Mickey and the gang, Ariel and the other princesses are meeting and greeting every visitors of each theme park found across the world with their theme parks in United States, particularly in California and Florida. They extended their branches at Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.  Annually, the wonderful world of Disney releases a new movie which are not just enjoyable by children but also by adults too. Same goes with their amusement parks where customers can get the hype in finding hidden Mickey games, rides inspired by Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean. Those are just some of the activities you and your kids can enjoy. To learn more about Disneyland, click here.

Children’s love magical and exciting adventures. This year, treat your kids and yourself to the 5 Best Kiddie Theme Parks. Besides, they won’t be kids forever and we’re once a kid too. Take this opportunity to let the child in you come alive too.


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