5 Best Lake Vacations in the US

5 Best Lake Vacations in the US

Sure, the beach is great in the summer, full of sand and the sun. But, lakes offer a fresh, cool alternative with great swimming and boating options that aren’t always available in the ocean. And, fortunately, there are hundreds of crystal clear lakes surrounded by mountains and open space for you to play in.
5 Best Lake Vacations in the US-Lake memes
So, here we gathered the 5 Best Lake Vacations in the US! Grasp for these information below.

1. Lake Tahoe
5 Best Lake Vacations in the US-Shore of Lake Tahoe

Due to its high altitude (6,225 feet), the lake in California is best known as a nirvana for skiing, snowboarding, and other cold-weather sports. Beautiful clear calm water, an amazing backdrop of snow-capped mountains, stunning vistas at every turn in the road. Hike along snowy forest trails, snuggle up beside a fire in a lakeshore café, or ride the Sky Express to the top of Heavenly’s highest peak for a snow-mantled panorama of the entire lake basin.

2. Lake Powell
5 Best Lake Vacations in the US-Lake Powell

Just a heads up, this lake is really popular. Well, it is because several movies have been filmed in and around Lake Powell such as Planet of the Apes and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. This drop-dead-gorgeous lake will make you spin your own high-adventure tale with a houseboat cruise. You also get to see the the red-rock desert wilderness. Located in Arizona, the lake stretches for nearly 200 miles into uninhabited southern Utah and includes more than 80 side canyons where yours will often be the only boat.

3. Lake Michigan
5 Best Lake Vacations in the US-Lake Michigan

One of the top destinations in Chicago and always a part of the 5 Best Lake Vacations in the US: cheer up with Lake Michigan. The lake has more than 1,600 miles of shoreline, but it’s not just about quantity. Just imagine how Chicago never fails your wanderlust needs. What the lake has to offer is beyond words. The pastoral shores of Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula and the carnival-like atmosphere along the Traverse City Boardwalk offer totally different sun-and-sand experiences with a magnificent view for the coastline.

4. Caddo Lake
5 Best Lake Vacations in the US-Caddo Lake

An eerily beautiful place to explore by foot or by water. Yes, believe me it is. Because, Caddo Lake in Texas is actually an internationally-renowned wetland area bounded by primeval swamps, sunken cypress trees, and thick forest. Strange creatures are rumored to dwell here, but I am not scaring you. Just see how unique this beautifully isolated fantasy-like lake is. It is not in question why it is part of the 5 Best Lake Vacations in the US.

5. Lake Superior
5 Best Lake Vacations in the US-Lake Superior

Lake Superior is so vast it could easily hold all of the water from all of the other Great Lakes. This lake in Minnesota is also best for fishing; that means there’s plenty of room for fish to thrive, such as the following: salmon, trout, walleye, smelt, whitefish, herring, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and many other game species can be caught in abundance along the lake’s tristate shores. No matter what time of year, some sort of fishing is in season.
5 Best Lake Vacations in the US-Jason Crystal Lake
Just say No, to  Crystal Lake. Okay?

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