5 Best Place to get Donuts in US

5 Best Place to get Donuts in US

You might be cursing me now to ignite your cravings since Tuesday. Can’t blame me, since I am up for my cravings too. Yesterday, we tackled the 5 Best Pancake Recipes in the World. Now, let me take you on a journey with donuts. Melted sugar, chocolate and filling dripping over the dough, just by imagining that now makes me want to grab a donut nearby. Dough nut miss this list of 5 Best Place to get Donuts in US.

5 Best Place to get Donuts in US-Doughnut Vault1. Doughnut Vault
If you want to eat your donuts in an old-fashioned way, in Chicago, Illinois, a donut shop sells a handful of donuts everyday till the stock runs out. And if by chance you are one of the few lucky persons who meets the Doughnut Vault van halfway, then you can select from buttermilk, pistachio, coconut cream, toasted almond, triple chocolate and lemon poppy seed. Those mentioned are just the flavors offered on the van. Come to think of it, what more will the store have to offer? For reference, visit their official website and drool:

2. Federal Donuts
5 Best Place to get Donuts in US-Federal Donuts
Who said Federal Donuts are just famous for their Korean-style fried chicken? No no no, we are here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the donuts. The famous in chat forums online and the countless sites and magazines that wrote about this shop really were not lying. Imagine your donut as mint chocolate cookie, lemon bar, maple bacon or with strawberry fennel and turkish mocha. Those are just a few of the available flavors. I guess the line outside the door explains it all. To get more indulgence with this must-have donut, visit their official website: http://www.federaldonuts.com/

5 Best Place to get Donuts in US-Gourdough’s3. Gourdough’s
If you want the outdoor downtown experience yet modern type of gobbling your donut, in Austin Texas, they have Gourdough’s have it your way. The company’s slogan “Our Big Fat Donuts is waiting for You” makes me repeat myself over and over: BIG-FAT-DONUTS, indeed not your average size of donuts are served here. One tourist even posted a review about them saying “Bring your appetite or plan to skip a few meals.  The food here is over the top with topping, flavors and portions.” See it for yourself. For now visit their official website for reference: http://gourdoughs.com/

4. Bill’s Donut Shop
5 Best Place to get Donuts in US-Bill’s Donut Shop
Bill’s Donuts might look like your typical and average doughnuts in a random street side but again let me teach you not to judge the donut by it’s cover. In Centerville, Ohio, is a simple yet palatable range of donuts that you must not pass up. It was even said to be way better than Krispy Kreme. Plus to add up, the venue is your ideal no-fuss kind of place. It always and still is, one of the top doughnut shops in the United States. Get involved with the world-renowned doughnut parlor by checking out first their website: http://billsdonutshop.com/

5 Best Place to get Donuts in US-Glazed and Confuzed5. Glazed and Confuzed
This is the positive way of getting confused in Denver, Colorado. What makes them stand out? They let you try extraordinary donuts for the first time in your life. We all know that cooking is different with baking, because in cooking you can explore unlimited ingredients while baking requires precision in the mixture. However, in Glazed and Confuzed they provide you, baking in a more liberated way with their extensive selection of doughnut flavors. To see more about their appetizing treats, check their website for reference: http://www.gcdonuts.com/

Who wouldn’t want to explore the United States and visit all these shops? Pro Tip: If you’re planning to visit US yourself, make sure to do your research first, not only for the facts stated in this article but also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being Flighthub.com, Travelocity.com or Expedia.com.

Sometimes we say that we want to travel just to get lost, but come to think of it while travelling we often seek for answers, we often discover new things. Therefore, in reality we didn’t want to get lost, but the truth was we just wanted to be found.


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  1. Never say DO NOT to Donut. Well, I really love this article, now I can get around to try all the best Donuts in town. I onced tried Glazed and Confuzed and fall in line for Doughnut Vault. But never been to paradise, joke I mean… to Federal Donuts, Gourdough’s and Bill’s Donut Shop. I will sure visit them soon! <3


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