5 Best Places in Iran

5 Best Places in Iran

Let us take a tour to the “Land of Aryans”. In this review, we will take you to 5 Best Places in Iran! So fasten your seatbelt and let’s have a journey to one of the most historical places in the world. Did you know this country had once considered Google as a spying tool that they thought of making a separate national internet under the state? The place where 70% of its population are under age 30 and young girls are married immediately after menarche. Those are just facts about the country of Iran, what more with their attractions? Here:

5 Best Places in Iran-Bekhradi’s Historical House1. Bekhradi’s Historical House
Safavid was one of the most significant ruling dynasties of Persia after the fall of the Sasanian Empire. Now, Bekhradi’s Historical House of 17th century was the first and only Safavid historical house that was restored and it has been used as a traditional Iran residence since 2005. This now serves as hotel with 5 rooms: Ravagh, Tagh, Gooshvareh, Hojreh and Toranj. Each room was individually designed to provide a nique historical character, but with modern features.

2. Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel
5 Best Places in Iran-Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel
If you want to get the Flintstone’s kind of hotel, then Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel which was founded in 2007 is the right place for you. This hotel is on the edge of the mountain and was hand carved inside one of the hills with 10 luxury rooms, carefully and customized with rugs, tiles and niches for the light and desks, thick walls to keep warmth during winter plus the Iranian traditional foods. Well the name itself was derived from the word Kandovan which means “Land of the Unknown Carvers”

5 Best Places in Iran-Golestan Palace3. Golestan Palace
The Safavid-era “Palace of Flowers”. The palace itself has lots to offer: walk through the hall of mirrors and diamonds, be mesmerized by the indoor museum and be one with nature with its garden. This palace is a masterpiece which embodied the successful integration of earlier Persian architecture with a Western touch. Golestan Palace is one of the oldest buildings in Teheran which made its symbolic mark when the Qajar family came into power in 1779 and was the road to make Tehran the capital of Iran.

4. Siosepol
5 Best Places in Iran-Siosepol
In the city of the Iran, Isfahan, you’ll find the famous bridge called “Siosepol” which is actually pronounced as Si-o-seh-pol meaning Siose Bridge or 33 Bridge simplified for “The Bridge of 33 Arches”, and was once world-renowned as “Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge” located at the Zayandeh River. There are ten more bridges in Isfahan, Iran, but Siosepol is the longest stretching the total length of 297.76 meters (976.9 ft) and looks more appealing at night.

Katale Khor5. Katale Khor Cave (Mount of Sun)
Taking the road 400km west of Tehran, Iran you’ll come across the cave located in Zanjan Province, which was shown through geological studies that it traces its formation back to the Jurassic period. The cave is mainly dry, but contains stalagmites, lime stalactites and huge halls wherein explorers had already discovered three-fourths of the cave, and the fourth level remains unexplored. To feel how is it to be in this cave, try this.

There you have it the 5 Best Places in Iran. To add more facts, did you know the meaning of the Iranian flag colors? As shown, the flag has three equal horizontal bands of green, white and red. Well, the explanation to that: Green represents growth, White for honesty and peace, and Red express bravery and martyrdom. The center is actually a representation of the word “Allah” and “La ilaha illa Allah” which means (None is worthy of worship but Allah) and is customized to a shape of a tulip. The inner edges of the green and the red band are actually 22 copies of the phrase “Allahu Akbar” (God is great).

This proves that the Iranians are all worshipful to their god, Allah.


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  1. Unexpected as the country of Iran doesn’t seem to be a fine destination. But your article sure revealed a lot of places that we can visit in Iran. Katale Khor Cave really caught my attention and the Golestan Palace, because of the hall of mirrors and diamonds of course.


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