5 Best Places to eat Ice Cream

5 Best Places to eat Ice Cream

Wiz Khalifa once tweeted “If someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the face. Seriously, just punch them in the face and go get some ice cream.” He’s right because studies show that ice cream can also affect the natural breakdown of anandamide and the serotonin in the brain. These chemicals send messages to our brain to make us feel happy (like chocolate). Not only that but the coldness can soothe your warm temperature while you are crying or being sad.

But there’s only one reason for the existence of ice cream and that is…because everybody deserves an ice cream! It’s time to pig out and let the child in you come alive. For all the ice cream lovers out there, it’s your time to shine and discover the 5 Best Places to eat Ice Cream! Yes, you heard it right ICE-CREAM.

5 Best Places to eat Ice Cream-Vaffelbageriet#5 Vaffelbageriet
Having difficulties to pronounce the ice cream parlor’s name? Don’t worry, you are not alone. But why would we trouble ourselves at the doorstep, if we travelled so far to try their world renowned ice cream? Their best-seller is the ice cream served in large waffle cones. One tourist even said they are called Scandinavian Waffles but it’s actually “Amerikaner”. To add up, she mentioned it was creamiest out of all the ice cream she had ever tried.

Vaffelbageriet had been getting awards since 1906 as “Tivoli’s Best Ice Cream” and now (and always) as one of the “Best Ice Creams in the World”. Once upon a time a store was built in Copenhagen, Denmark and they ate happily ever after!

#4 Helados Scannapieco
5 Best Places to eat Ice Cream-Helados-Scannapieco
From the far away land in Buenos Aires, Argentina back in 1983, two Italian immigrants opened the doors to the wonderful world of ice cream. With over 50 different flavors, they managed to add unique flavors such as Durazno (peach), Canela (cinnamon), Lemon champagne, and Caipirinha (a Brazilian cocktail made with Cachaça and lime).

This ice cream Parlor had never changed their traditional business and it is still currently being operated by the Scannapieco family. Once, they were even featured on BBC for a summertime scoop. The high temperature and humidity of Argentina makes it a perfect place to grab a giant scoop of the vintage and world-famous ice cream.

5 Best Places to eat Ice Cream-Perchè No!#3 Perchè No!
In Florence, Italy? Why Not! The intense flavors of Perchè No! might sound a little bit similar to other ice cream parlors, but they definitely know how to stand out, especially with honey and sesame seed, green tea, and rich coffee crunch flavors. Their menu also includes a wide selection of sorbets and granitas. Why Not! Did you know that Perchè No! uses fresh ingredients and no preservatives? So the next time you’ll visit Italy, don’t get deceived by other colorful gelato displays. Go straight to about two minutes’ walk from the Duomo towards the Via dei Tavolini and choose none other than “Why Not!”, or Perchè No! But make sure not on Tuesdays because that’s the only time they are closed, I wonder why.

#2 Ice Cream City
5 Best Places to eat Ice Cream-Ice-Cream-City-Namja
Scream all you want, but you should still explore your taste buds here. If you want to put yourself in a challenge then get to the Ice Cream City in Tokyo, Japan, where there’s an extensive range of more than 300 flavors and what’s the catch? From the list it includes soy chicken and orchid root to sea-island salt and unagi (eel). But no worries, if you are not comfortable with these different taste of ice cream, they also offer Italian gelato and American sundaes. Ice Cream City is located at Namja Town, an indoor amusement park by Namco and it’s not just about ice cream, it also includes other frozen desserts. But tourists are telling us to “dare to try the Wasabi Ice Cream”.

5 Best Places to eat Ice Cream-Snugburys#1 Snugburys Ice Cream
It is not literally a barn, but one that has been converted into an ice cream parlor with a courtyard and canal side walking trail specifically located in Nantwich, United Kingdom. This is the type of ice cream that fully satisfies you with just one scoop. Our first spot goes to the Home of Ice Cream: Snugburys Ice Cream. It all started in 1986. While making ice cream in the farmhouse’s kitchen, making up different flavors and being recognized for their exclusive ice cream, they decided to turn it into a business and obviously, that wasn’t a bad decision. Annually, Snugburys accommodate over 200,000 customers, including foreigners and tourists.

Their goal is to make sure that their ice cream is made of natural ingredients and assured by EFSIS (European Food Safety Inspection Service). Here’s their exact address and phone number, for your reference: Park Farm, Chester Road, Hurleston, Nantwich CW5 6BU, United Kingdom; Phone Number: +44 1270 624830.

There you have it. The rankings are not based from my own discretion or experience, but from several people who have personally tried the ice creams. They enjoyed their visit even if they consumed huge amounts of calories and fat, since it’s a once in a lifetime moment to savor their ice creams from internationally renowned and must visit ice cream parlors in the world.

Ice creams are your own version of star for all season. I hope you enjoyed this list and make sure to save some spare time to have a lick to these 5 Best Places to eat Ice Cream.


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  1. You are the best. This had awaken my Ice Cream cravings once again. I bookmarked this article of your for my reference. I won’t mind how many calories i’ll be in-taking as long as I will get to try all of those ice cream parlors!

  2. When you’re down in troubled and you need a helping hand. And nothing, nothing is going right
    You just call out its name, and you know where ever I am
    I’ll come running to eat an Ice Cream.
    Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call and I’ll be there, yeah, yeah,
    you’ve got a friend. Ice Cream-Friend


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