5 Best Retro Destinations by FlightHub

5 Best Retro Destinations by FlightHub
Tired of visiting the same old bars? Bored with your weekly book club? Just looking for something fun to do over the weekend? Visit these retro-tastic travel destinations around the world and have a find your retro retreat.  If you love the past but don’t have the resources to build a time machine, one of these simpler options might be for you, read on the 5 Best Retro Destinations by FlightHub!

1. The Swing Set
5 Best Retro Destinations by FlightHub-The Swing Set

Light-footed Londoners are also stepping into the Rivoli Ballroom, A lovingly restored 1950s ballroom, which is the only intact one left in London, deeming its art deco grandness Grade II-listed. For the swing and rock ’n’ roll nights—and to lounge amid the original scarlet 1957 interior, all velvet draperies, flocked wallpaper, chandeliers, and oversize Chinese lanterns.

2. The Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre
5 Best Retro Destinations by FlightHub-The Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre

This old-school drive-in, opened in 1957, is so Pleasantville that the answering machine has an option for rotary phones. Credit cards are accepted elsewhere on the grounds, bring some cash to pay for your actual movie tickets—the drive-in is old-fashioned that way too. A family had even made it their tradition to come here, on TripAdvisor they say “This is our second trip here with the kids and we love it. Cheap considering you get admission to two films.”

3. Hill Club
5 Best Retro Destinations by FlightHub-Hill Club

In Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka the 1858 Hill Club, which is originally catered for British colonial officers and coffee planters, has lost none of its Victorian upper-class rules – after 7pm, smart clothes are insisted on. Sipping Ceylon tea in a smart jacket might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a retro place to visit, but the stunning landscapes surrounding the lounges of the Hill Club make it an unmissable destination.

4. Ground Kontrol
5 Best Retro Destinations by FlightHub-Ground Kontrol

In Portland, a classic videogame arcade will take you back to childhood. Partnered with a full-service bar, DJs, trivia nights, and game tournaments. A sound system is used for background music. In the evening, local and visiting DJ’s play different types of music varying by the day of the week. The sound system and stage is utilized for Rock Band Tuesdays which also serves to provide the music for that evening. Recognized as one of the best arcades in the US.

5. Neon Museum (Boneyard & Gallery)
5 Best Retro Destinations by FlightHub-Neon Museum (Boneyard & Gallery)

In Las Vegas, Nevada a collection of approximately 150 iconic Las Vegas signs. Each sign offers a unique story about where and when it was made, as well as the role it played in Las Vegas’ history. The signs are considered by Las Vegas locals, business owners, and government organizations to be not only artistically, but also historically significant to the culture of the city. Each of the restored signs in the collection holds a story about who created it and why it is important

When you hear the word “retro,” what are some places that come to mind? Do you have a favorite “retro” place where you enjoy spending time with your family? If so, share it with us in the comments below!

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