5 Conspiracy Theories About Denver International Airport

5 Conspiracy Theories About Denver International Airport

5 Conspiracy Theories About Denver International Airport

Denver, Colorado is home to Denver International Airport (IATA Code: DEN), the largest airport in the US in terms of land area. Spanning at 33,531 acres, this massive airport has been the target of numerous criticisms and controversies ever since its opening in 1995, and rightfully so. Why, you ask? Easy. Just take a look at this image:

5 Conspiracy Theories About Denver International Airport - Mural of death

Truly wonderful, right? I mean, nothing makes me more comfortable than looking at a mural of an armalite-slinging, blade-carrying soldier of death followed by a queue of people crying in despair while looking at the bodies of dead(?) children. In case you didn’t notice, I was being sarcastic.

In light of this, today we will be taking a look at the 5 conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport. Steel your nerves as we walk down DIA’s creepy halls lined with cryptic symbolisms and disturbing paintings.

  1. The airport looks like a giant Swastika

5 Conspiracy Theories About Denver International Airport - SwastikaWhen viewed from above, the runways of DIA looks somewhat similar to a gigantic Swastika. You know, the Swastika a.k.a the German Nazi Party emblem a.k.a. the emblem which symbolizes the of death of about 5 to 6 million Jewish people? Yeah, that Swastika. While airport representatives explained that the runways have designed this way so that all six airstrips can be used simultaneously, no matter the weather condition, we still find the similarity to be quite unnerving.

  1. A stone slab that could be related to the New World Order

5 Conspiracy Theories About Denver International Airport - Stone Slab

Inside the airport, you will find a large slab of stone that acts as a dedication marker. While this may initially look like any other dedication marker, the words engraved on it can send a chill up a conspiracy theorist’s spine. The said stone is said to be placed on top of a time capsule which is dedicated to the “people of Colorado in 2094”.

A small block of text can be seen near the bottom of the slab which is supposed to be a dedication to a few members of the group named “New World Airport Commission”. Now if you’re a bit of a conspiracy theorist like me, the term New World Order immediately comes to mind. To the innocent folks out there, the New World Order is a rumored agenda that is supposedly meant to create a global authoritarian government that would take over the world.

The Masonic Symbol (a letter ‘G’ placed between a compass and a ruler) can also be seen engraved on the stone, and that does absolutely nothing to help ease our fears. You see, a lot of people believe that Freemasonry —  a real life secret society —  is conspiring to take over the world in one way or another.

  1. The disturbing murals

There is seriously something wrong with some of the painted murals found inside Denver International Airport. Take this one for example:

5 Conspiracy Theories About Denver International Airport - Mural of death2

The mural above features the carcasses of dead (or extinct) animals, a bunch of young children crying over three open caskets with three dead bodies lying inside, as well as what appears to be a massive forest fire approaching their location. Oh boy, how relaxing.

Other murals with similar disturbing content can be found across DIA, all of which were created by Leo Tanguma. People speculate that the jarring images are supposed to show the destruction of our current world in order to make way for the New World Order.

Although the artist did explain that the paintings were meant to address current world issues such as violence and the deterioration of nature, I still don’t think that an airport is the best place to showcase death and destruction, especially those involving young children.

  1. Billions of dollars were spent in its construction and we don’t know where it went

5 Conspiracy Theories About Denver International Airport - Denver Airport

Denver International Airport was opened to the general public in February 28, 1995 — 16 months late of the original schedule — and USD 4.8 billion were spent in its construction. Originally, the airport’s total construction cost was only meant to be around USD 2 billion, people still don’t know where the additional 2 billion dollars went, or how it was spent, but we really hope it didn’t fund a secret zombie research laboratory underground.

  1. The 32-feet tall horse statue that ACTUALLY KILLED ITS CREATOR

5 Conspiracy Theories About Denver International Airport - Mustang aka Blucifer

Outside the airport, airport visitors will find Mustang, a blue horse fiberglass statue that stands at a whopping 32-feet and weighs about 9,000 pounds. Sounds normal? It isn’t. The gigantic, menacing statue has glowing red eyes and a face that looks like it could kill someone. Well, actually, it did.

Luis Jiménez, the artist who was commissioned by the airport authorities to create Mustang, was killed when a part of the statue’s head accidentally fell on his leg, severing an artery which ended the poor artist’s life. No wonder people nicknamed Mustang as “Blucifer”.

Now, the above conspiracy theories are, well, just theories. No solid proof has been recognized and people are still in the dark when it comes to the airport’s anonymous benefactors as well as the reason behind all the strange symbolisms found inside. Still, the shady atmosphere in DIA is already enough to make you question whether or not we are safe from the power of an organization rumored to hold enough power to control the entire world. Whether you believe in them or not is all  up to you.

Are you as intrigued as I am? Let me know in the comments below and let’s discuss these conspiracies!


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