5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets

5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets

5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets-inspector gadgetTravelling was put at ease with the existence of airlines and online travel agencies around, but that is with the airfare aspect. How about while at the peak of your adventures? Have you ever considered what can make you at ease or what are the things you might be needing? Travels had never been 100% safe and unwanted events happened along the way.

In our previous articles, we already gave you Travel Tips about 5 Essential Reminders to all Travelers. Now, let us give you the Go! Go! Gadget with the 5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets!

1. Tracker
5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets-Kensington Laptop LockSafety First! Due to unwanted circumstances, we lose our luggage and most of the time they got stolen. If you have a tracking device inside your luggage, then we are one step ahead in catching the thief. Prevention is better than cure, if we’ll be more cautious about our valuables and belonging then that won’t be a problem. To see a list of the most trusted and efficient tracking devices, click here.

Safety precautions don’t apply to our luggage alone. People have already invented gadgets that will help you to prevent on losing even your precious laptop. Studies show that in US every 53 seconds a laptop gets stolen, to prevent this, check out the Kensington Laptop Lock (refer to the image on the right)

2. Inflatable Hoodie
5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets-Inflatable HoodieComfort over style. Well, it’s pretty obvious that travelling is very tiring with connecting flights and endless routes. We tend to get sleepy along the way. However, we can’t have a handy pillow every time. But with the new Inflatable Hoodie, travelers can sleep anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is blow into the hoodie’s built-in tab to inflate the pillow and turn your cool sweatshirt to your bridge to dreamland. Check a review about inflatable hoodie, click here.

3. Language Translator
5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets-language translatorGetting lost won’t be easy if no one will understand you, a compass won’t help you now to find the nearest restroom or the taxi terminal. Don’t settle with just sign language. Why not try to talk with the natives with their national language? Yes. You can do it without actually enrolling in a language tutorial school. Electronic Translator devices are invented to assist you. Some devices can accommodate up to 15-20 languages. Here is the list of the Best Electronic Translators this 2016.

4. Portable Travel Chargers or Power Banks
5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets-power-banksWhen things are about to get fun, that’s when your phone dies on you. Bringing another spare battery is too old fashioned, especially if your phone’s battery is built-in. Never worry if there’s no electric socket on the mountains, beach or in the middle of the desert. This is the only exemption for “Do not save! Rather spend, use your phone’s battery up to the full extent” because power banks are the best portable travel chargers and new best buddy of your electronic devices. It charges your devices while on the go. To see the list of the best power banks around, click here.

5. GoPro Hero4
5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets-GoPro
You might not want to miss any moment of the world’s most beautiful scenery. Don’t miss out on the adventures, take time, take pictures safely. There are number of reports of deaths over accidents with selfie and usage of selfie stick though they are handy as well. But Americans had invented a new way to take your exclusive adventure with an exclusive documentation prioritizing your safety. With GoPro cameras you don’t have to mind the camera, let the camera focus on what you see. To see their official page, click here.

5 Cool Must-Have Travel Gadgets-Swiss Army KnifeYou can also add the handy Swiss Army Knife on this list since this can be pretty essential with the tools in one kit which can be used on all occasions and circumstances. Now, the jack of all trades also offers travelers the option to buy their new versions of Swiss knives, even with flash drive to keep your files on the go. To check out their other version of Swiss Knives, click here.

With all of these gadgets with you, you won’t miss the world out there. Everything’s safe from departure to adventure. All thanks to our latest technologies that can make our lives and travelling easier and comfortable.

NOTE: This article is not a paid advertisement to endorse the following brand or specific gadget mentioned above.


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  1. I actually play League of Legends, and the picture you used here was Ziggs (Mad Scientist), anyway moving forward… I wished I read this before I travelled. I just lost my phone and laptop. Too bad. But this article of yours will sure help others for precautions measures

  2. Do you have any suggestion if what’s the best power bank I can buy? GoPro is pretty much expensive but worth the buy, well I just have to carefully select which Hero should I buy. And yes, you were right about the Swiss knife. Thank you for always posting facts and tips for traveling. More power to your site


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