5 Essential reminders to all Travelers

Traveling is one of the most wonderful activities anyone in this world should engage in. If you have to opportunity to travel the world, grab it; stop saying “there’s still tomorrow,” because you might say the same thing tomorrow. Traveling offers the best and extraordinary experiences in your life. The world is your oyster and you can reach every destination you want.

You have to make every second worthwhile and be adaptive to your surroundings.

Here are 5 essential reminders to all travelers out there.

Save everything on the web


While walking along the road, someone might try to snatch away your wallet or bag that holds your flight ticket, passport, IDs, driver’s license, and ATM cards. If you’re on a foreign country, losing these types of documents will be a crisis. Make sure to back-up every printed document you have with a soft copy on the Internet; or maybe send the printout to a family member back home. Upload everything on your Google drive or compile everything in a PDF file and save them in your email. Saving them on a flash drive isn’t enough. You’re not just losing your identity, you’re also losing important requirements you need to go back home.

Stock up some food


If you’re traveling on a budget, you might find yourself low on cash in the middle of your travel. It’s a common tip to always bring extra cash, right? However, you can’t predict the future, see how everyday turns out, and how will you spend your money. You might find a limited edition watch at duty free and quickly buy it, or maybe you might get sick and might need medical treatment or medication. You have to eat and keep your energy so you can enjoy your travel experience. Bring some food supplies with you, not too much, just enough for emergencies like instant noodles, cookies, beef jerky, whatever you want.

Write down random moments


Sometimes the best travel moments you will ever see are those hidden in plain sight and will only hit you once in seconds. Bring a small journal and write down the unusual things you see and experience. This journal will be a living testimony of where you’ve been. Note down how you listened to that violinist near the Eiffel Tower, or maybe the beautiful sunrise from your hotel window. Imagine when you’re old and moving is hard, bring out that journal read for a while and smile. Give it to your children and grandchildren, so they to will be inspired by your journeys.

Learn all cultures


People’s culture and behavior are different from one another; the things you find funny and witty might be offensive to other people. For example, you like to tousle people’s hair, other people especially citizens of a Buddhist country finds it very insulting to be touched on the head. Remember when basketball star Lebron James wrapped his arm around the Royal Dutchess Kate of Cambridge? You might find some of these rules reasonable in your own way, but they have deeper meanings about something. Before you visit a country make sure to learn the do’s and don’ts of that destination. Learn their culture and respect it. Besides you don’t want things to get ugly when you’re surrounded by their entire race.

Bring a camera


Whether it’s a digital camera, DSLR or smartphone, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a device to capture the moment and have a lifetime reminder of that very moment. This is one of the most common reminders you will see in articles like this one. You’re taking photos not only on the obvious things seen with the eye, but the aura and emotion as well. Too bad, camera devices didn’t exist during the time of Columbus and Magellan, their stories were told on print; but think about how awesome it would be to see a selfie of Columbus with his crewmates captioned “friendship goals.” Bring a camera and also take videos, some of the best moments can’t be contained in a photo alone.

Hope this article provided some common and useful knowledge for travelers. Embrace the world and ignite your wanderlust.


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