5 Facts about Ecuador

5 Facts about Ecuador

Aside from knowing that Ecuador changed their currency from Sucre to Dollar, or their language is Spanish and it is named after Equator (Ecuador in Spanish), what else do you know about the country? Now, let us take you to the most biodiverse country in the world with the 5 Facts about Ecuador! Pack your bags and let’s start the journey to the center of the earth.

5 Facts about Ecuador-GreetingThe Common Greeting
If you are used with saying “Hey!” or “Howdy!” in United States or receiving a necklace of Lei flowers in Hawaii, or respectful 45 degrees bowing in Japan. Don’t worry you don’t have to salute like a marshall to his general in Ecuador, because their greeting is too simple. In their culture, the most common greeting is through handshake with direct eye contact and a smile. See how comfortable Ecuadorians are with each other.

Flag Meaning
5 Facts about Ecuador-Flag
Well, if you’ll notice the flag of Ecuador has a striking resemblance to the flag of Colombia. Well it’s because Ecuador was part of Gran Colombia during the Spanish Colonization but it didn’t take long for Gran Colombia project to collapse and divide back to Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. As to the flag’s symbol, yellow signifies diversity, blue symbolizes the sky and the sea while red commemorates the blood of those who fought for independence of the country.

5 Facts about Ecuador-Charles DarwinCharles Darwin’s Atoll Theory
I think majority of us know Charles Darwin by his Theory of Evolution, commonly known as Darwinism states that everything started as one species that have adaptation and variation pass through generations and kept. But have you heard about his Theory of Coral Atoll Formation? If not, click here. He developed this theory in the Galapagos Islands. Yes he did. He realized that the easternmost islands were larger and higher, and the further west you went they became smaller until you eventually had atolls. Additional history facts!

Border Conflict over Peru
The Ecuadorian-Peruvian War or known as War of 1941 rooted from dispute lands where borders are said to be crossed by Ecuador. Prior to this Peru had already fought against Gran Colombia for the territory claiming reason. This conflict lasted half a century and was only settled during the Cenepa War of 1955. To end the longest running battle in the Western Hemisphere, on October 26, 1988 the president of each country signed a definitive peace agreement or the Brasilia Presidential Act.

5 Facts about Ecuador-natureUnexpected New Constitution
Ecuador was the first country that recognized the nature to be part of their constitution. A total new concept of paradigm. In 2008 their constitution was rewritten to acknowledge the nature in all life forms with the “right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles.” To see the Chapter and its articles about “Rights for Nature”, click here.

These facts are just few things you might not have known about Ecuador. At first you will think their national animal is Iguana, just because there’s a Parque de las Iguanas in Guayaquil doesn’t mean it’s their animal livery. Think again. Actually, it’s the Andean Condor which is seen on their flag. There are all sorts of amazing and fun facts about Ecuador, so wouldn’t be exciting to know them by yourself?


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  1. But of course, who wouldn’t know Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution. I never knew about that century war between Peru and Ecuador. But what really surprised me was their new constitution.
    Thanks for your informative articles.


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