5 Facts about Greenland

5 Facts about Greenland

Did you know that Greenland is the biggest island on this planet? Want more? In Greenland there are no ants to be found, studies show that ants increase in number or their habitats are in tropical places which is why obviously Greenland won’t be considered as one. Let me take you to the Land of Ice and Snow and more fun discoveries that you might not know in this article, we’ll talk about 5 Facts about Greenland.

5 Facts about Greenland-Greenland_Prison_System1. To start off, the majority of the people in Greenland are called “Inuit” or Eskimo, wherein one-third are Danish since they are born in Denmark. But that isn’t the fact I’m going to share in this section. It is about inmates of Greenland. Breakfast buffets, freedom go out and hike or hunt birds or seals with rifles and even go to school. What’s surprising about that? Those are not things done by the prison guards, but by the prisoners themselves. Well, in Greenland Prison System they are given this freedom only after a few months in jail. Inmates are asked to report back at night and that will include alcohol and hashish test. Well, not everyone was pleased about this.

5 Facts about Greenland-canadian-danish-flags-hans-island2. There’s an island in between Canada and Greenland which is called “Hans Island” and so far no military wars commenced between the two countries. However, they are actually disputing over the ownership of the small island and it’s been going on for about a century now. Both nations are placing their flag to claim the island. But what’s funny about this bloodless conflict is that every time one replaces the other nation’s flag they leave little gifts. Greenland leaves a bottle of schnapps, while Canada leaves a bottle of Canadian club with a “Welcome to Canada” sign.

To add up, there’s also an infamous island in Greenland, which was called Kissing Island because the island looks like a couple which are about to kiss. And just to let you know, that was a total fake!

ice-melt-jack-rose3. Have you imagined how big this Land of Ice and Snow is? Just imagine, what if the ice melts? Studies show that if Greenland’s ice will totally melt, the sea level would rise by 7 meters which is equivalent to 23 feet. In specific, Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets contain more than 99% of this planet’s freshwater ice. Ice ice baby. Grab your swim ring if you are also not good at swimming or floating. Oh! Please advise your lover to stay out of the water if this happens, you wouldn’t want to be a Jackless Rose too.

5 Facts about Greenland-reindeer_whale_meat4. I am still wondering how do reindeer and whale meat taste like? I rather keep wondering, but it’s a different story with people of Greenland who dine and feast over this meats. Indeed, they are their Greenlandic cuisine. Not to mention, also seal and seabirds. Their national soup, Suaasat, actually uses one of these meats depending on the person’s preference. It also includes onions, potatoes and is seasoned with salt, pepper and bay leaf and thickened with rice or by soaking barley in the water overnight. That was actually just one dish, imagine what other meals they can prepare with those unusual meats for us.

5 Facts about Greenland-greenland-name-history5. Are you one of the million who gives the Jackie Chan face when differentiating Iceland from Greenland? Just because Iceland shows an all green image, while Greenland shows and all ice images? “What sorcery is this?” and “Are you kidding me?” these are some of the most common expressions of the people who stumble upon these facts. Well, there’s actually a story behind that confusion. Wherein it’s a story of confusion as well.

Should we blame the Vikings who named the country “Greenland” despite the obvious ice? The Vikings called it Greenland so that when people were given the choice of going to Greenland or Iceland, they’d pick Greenland.

To end up this 5 Facts about Greenland, the flag of Greenland was designed by Thue Christiansen. It features two equal horizontal bands of white (top) and red with a large disk slightly to the hoist side of center. The top half of the disk is red, the bottom half is white. The large white part in the flag symbolizes the “Ice cap” and “Fjords” are represented by the red part in the circle.


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  1. If I haven’t read this, I will be still stupidly clueless about the countries Iceland and Greenland name history. I almost died laughing at the Jackless Rose though. Keep up the factual articles.


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