5 Funniest Stories how Travelers tried avoiding Baggage Fees

5 Funniest Stories how Travelers tried avoiding Baggage Fees

We know that extra baggage fees are quite expensive, it took you like more than a day to fold everything and stuff it in your precious luggage. Airlines have minimum baggage weight policies and allowances. However, in most cases we miscalculated. Will you end up paying more or will you do the same things that this travelers have done?

Let’s rest with the Travel Tips and let me share some hilarious Travel Facts. In this article, we will share the 5 Funniest Stories how Travelers tried avoiding Baggage Fees.

5 Funniest Stories how Travelers tried avoiding Baggage Fees-scoot airlines1. Wear Them-Strategy
A photo-post of cheeky travelers went viral on Reddit in 2014. When the couples faced the greatest foe in airlines, an extra fee of $130 for excess luggage. The dynamic duo are going to Sydney from Singapore when the customs of Scoot Airlines had detected their luggage pass the free weight limit. The partners didn’t protest, but just opened their bag and start wearing as much clothing as they can wear like layers of pants and jock and even hats piled up high. Hearing the other side of Scoot Airlines, they said that on that day baggage policy is under the discretion of the ground staff. To see the full report, click here.

2. Maxed Out Credit Card-Excuse
5 Funniest Stories how Travelers tried avoiding Baggage Fees-maxedoutAs never thought two old couples in we don’t know why had tried avoiding baggage fees by claiming that their credit card is already maxed out. There’s no specific report about this incident. However, this was listed as one of the most bizarre ways that a traveler tried to avoid fees in customs. Aside from this instance, another traveler was trying to bribe a staff with newly bought duty-free chocolates.

5 Funniest Stories how Travelers tried avoiding Baggage Fees-travita3. Just give the Bag to Charity-Frustration
Relative to the same listing where the chocolate bribery and maxed out credit card excuse was listed, is this total surrender of traveler after being told that her baggage exceeded the required weight. Out of frustration, she just advise the staff to make sure to give it to the charity. This incident seems to be not beneficial on her end, but made a market for a mobile app named “Travita” to pave its way to recognition and awarded with £10,000. To learn more about the app, click here.

5 Funniest Stories how Travelers tried avoiding Baggage Fees-pet
4. Pet’s Ashes for Leniency-Excuse
Listed on Yahoo Travel as fourth from the 10 bizarre ways travelers have avoided baggage fees, this excuse was far from others expected and what we’ll imagine. Who would ever use his pet’s remains to be a weapon for leniency? “We are sorry for your lost, but sir we apologize for you are not still excuse with the extra fees.” I wonder what will our dear Grumpy Cat pet will tell us about this.

5. Language Barrier-Excuse
Have you ever tried dodging an actual conversation by saying stating you don’t understand English nor speak English (depending on the country of origin), or simply by saying “Me no speak any English.” This traveler exceeded and made the most absurd excuse at the customs that we have ever listed. If you are planning to use the same trick in the airport, we got to warn you as early as now, it won’t work.

As an addition, because it doesn’t need to be part of the list, the famous and most anticipated move, is the travelers hiding inside the luggage. Reports worldwide shown that several customers tried to slip their spouse or relatives by hiding them in the luggage but based on studies and reports, this type of method was never successful.
So the next time you’ll stumble upon someone at the airport with baggage allowance problems, don’t suggest any of these excuses and false-strategies. At least help them with the right policies and procedures. Start the change from yourself and the rest will follow.


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  1. I sure did laugh with these 5 stories, I didn’t imagine that tourist or travelers can come up with those weird ideas. Awesome article here. Your topics are getting more and more interesting every day. Keep up the good work.


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