5 Largest Hot Springs in the World

5 Largest Hot Springs in the World

As promised yesterday, today we’ll be listing the 5 Largest Hot Springs in the World in order. If you think a hot spring is only as big as the usual swimming pool, think again. In this article, we’ll traverse around the world for the 5 Largest Hot Springs in the World.

5 Largest Hot Springs in the World-Glenwood Springs Hot Spring #5 Glenwood Springs Hot Spring

In Colorado, United States, the largest natural hot spring swimming pool is found. The therapy pool with a flow rate of 143 liters/second and full of salty minerals at 104°F (40°C). Another option is to swim in the huge 98°F (36°C) swimming pool. Tourists have even made this place as their annual family reunion. If you think that it’s too popular and end up feeling crowded while in the pool, you are mistaken, because the pool is large enough to accommodate the volume of customers and visitors.

The operating hours of the hot spring are open for summer (daily) from 7:30am to 10pm while the rest of the year (daily) is 9am to 10pm. Prices during the summer go from Adults for $12–$13 and Children for $3–12. The rest of the year: Adults for $16, Children $11. Children ages 2 below are free.

#4 Mammoth Hot Springs

5 Largest Hot Springs in the World-Mammoth Hot SpringsWyoming, United States has the largest known carbonate-depositing spring in the world. The most famous feature at the springs is the Minerva Terrace, which is a series of travertine terraces which has been created over thousands of years as hot water from the spring cooled and deposited calcium carbonate – to explain it in simple science. The hot water that feeds Mammoth comes from Norris Geyser Basin after traveling underground via a fault line that runs through limestone. The limestone from rock formations along the fault is the source of the calcium carbonate.

This hot spring was actually a remnant of a volcanic expansion 6000 years ago. The Yellowstone National Park provides service assistance for the activities around the hot spring and even educates you about the main attraction itself.

Grand Prismatic Spring #3 Grand Prismatic Spring

Another spring is found in Wyoming, United States, which is also under the care of Yellow National Park. In our last article this was listed as the most famous hot spring in the world. The largest hot spring in the United States and third in the world. The stunning non-swimming, hot spring is one of the most visited sites in Yellowstone National Park.

Now, getting into facts? Grand Prismatic Spring is approximately 370 feet (110 m) in diameter and is 121 feet (40 m) deep, discharges an estimated 560 US gallon (2,100 L) of 160 °F (70 °C) water per minute. The coloration is matched to the rainbow dispersion of white light by an optical prism: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Tourists even suggest that the best look of the hot spring is by aerial view.

#2 Boiling Lake

5 Largest Hot Springs in the World-Boiling LakeLet’s get down to the Top 2 on this list. In Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica the second largest hot spring in the world is located. The Dominica’s World Heritage site is a flooded fumarole 6.5 mile (10.5 km) east of Roseau, Dominica. It is filled with bubbling grayish-blue water that is usually enveloped in a cloud of vapor. And to be exact Boiling Lake is approximately 200ft (63m) across.

Tourists have advised other travelers to wear good shoes because it’s going to be a hard trek. One tourist who been there 3 days ago said “The track through the rain forest, the views, the Valley of Desolation, the lake itself are spectacular and no doubt pretty unique.”

Frying Pan Lake #1 Frying Pan Lake

Say hello to the largest hot spring in the world, which is located in the Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley, New Zealand. How it was formed? Well, this is another aftermath of a volcanic eruption in 1886’s Mount Tarawera and increases more in size with another larger eruption in 1917. The stunning inferno crater have a number of small geysers unlike other listed hot springs. It ranges up to approximately 6 meters but will depend on the pressure building up underground.

The acidic water maintains a temperature of about 50–60 °C (122–140 °F) and the total size of the hot spring is at 4 hectares. To have a boat trip on the lake, expect an additional payment for this option. Normally, the entrance fee costs $70 which already includes the boat trip. Though we are all aware that the entrance price was too much, the tourist had never complained after seeing the Frying Pan Lake.

Moreover, let me introduce “Deildartunguhver”, which is actually the highest flow hot spring in Europe. It is actually located in Reykholtsdalur, Iceland and it is characterized by a very high flow rate for a hot spring (180 liters/second) and water emerges at 97 °C. There you go, we just gave you the 5 Largest Hot Springs in the World! Or the hottest destination worldwide, literally.

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