5 Places to go in Colombia

5 Places to go in Colombia

After hearing the country “Colombia” announced by the host Steve Harvey at the recent Miss Universe 2015, well it was false alarm because Philippines was the real winner of the event. Since we already wrote about some facts about the Pearl of the Orient and in our previous articles, we also wrote about 5 Places to go in Iceland. In this article, obviously we’ll take you to places that you need to see in the land of flowers with the 5 Places to go in Colombia!

5 Places to go in Colombia-Parque Del Café1. National Coffee Park (Parque Del Café)
If you are a coffee-lover then definitely you would love this park. The Parque Del Café was founded in 1995 and it features a variety of shows and ride attractions which also leads you to the history of coffee. Enjoy revolving around coffee production and cultivation in Montenegro. Be amazed with the breathtaking view of the mountains and exotic plants you’ll see on the road. But of course the “coffee” here is delicious and proven by some Tripadvisor forums, see here. Not to spill the beans, it’s a theme park centered on a coffee production.

2. Gold Museum
5 Places to go in Colombia-Gold Museum
Have you wished to have the mythical touch of Midas that turns everything to Gold? Well, wish no more. In this museum located in Bogotá, Museum and yes, it’s real and authentic gold. The 3 storey building has an overall 55,000 pieces of gold. Second floor exhibits the usage of each gold pieces and the third floor explains how golds are use in rituals. Travelers have said it is still best if you’ll see the Gold Museum for yourself than reading facts online. Who knows what you might discover that they didn’t?

5 Places to go in Colombia-Salt Church3. Salt Church of Zipaquirá
The underground Roman Catholic church was built in 1932 within the tunnels of a salt mine 200 meters underground, but before the church was constructed the place was used by the miners for their own sanctuary as a place for their daily prayers asking for protection from saints. Known as one of the most outstanding architectural and artistic achievements of Colombian architecture. Two days ago a traveler just went there and said “This was such a positive surprise. I thought we’d be there for around 30 minutes, but ended up spending over 3 hours”.

4. Las Lajas Sanctuary
5 Places to go in Colombia-Las Lajas Sanctuary
Yet another outstanding and world renowned architectural monument goes to Colombia with this basilica church hanging or in between 100 meters high from the bottom of the canyon and connected by a 50 meter-tall bridge. It was actually built inside the canyon where the Guitara River flows. Just imagine a building that’s hanging over the abyss. The design will remind you of some European style castles in fairytales. Miraculous healing were also reported, which attract more tourists to visit the apparition stone where the Virgin Mary was alleged to had appeared.

5 Places to go in Colombia-Caño Cristales5. Caño Cristales
The world’s most beautiful river which is a unique biological wonder. But of course, it is the unique biological wonder of Colombia. The color changes depending on the months and just a heads up the color doesn’t come from the algae or moss but from the plant called “macarenia clavigera”. However, no one can visit the well maintained tourist attraction alone, because you are obligated to go with an agency or guide. Well, we need to understand that such beauty should have proper maintenance and precautions.

I was more excited writing about these 5 Places to go in Colombia, I didn’t expect that each tourist destination will have such massive information that gave me the wow factor. Surely, I would add Colombia on my Place To Go list. How about you? What’s stopping you? Let’s meet halfway! Safe travels!


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  1. I knew Colombia as a nice country but I never thought their tourism are cool as these on your list. The Gold Museum and Las Lajas Sanctuary are part of my list. Of course, I want to see the Caño Cristales personally!


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