5 Places to go in Iceland

5 Places to go in Iceland

In our previous articles, we wrote about 6 Facts about Maldives. Being one of the countries with so many natural wonders, Iceland is indeed one of the places you must add up in your traveling list of “Must Visit”. Why? Then let us take you to the 5 Places to go in Iceland.

5 Places to go in Iceland-Landmannalaugar1. Landmannalaugar
Summer will be the best time to visit this place — to be specific June to late September — because after the said months the road will be closed. Enjoy the view of rich multicolored rhyolite mountains, the Hekla volcano and lava fields. First look of this tourist destination will make give you an impression that you’re on a different planet. To spice up the place, hiking and horse riding are the most popular activities done here. Even tourists can’t believe what their eyes have seen.

2. Gullfoss Waterfall
5 Places to go in Iceland-Gullfoss-Waterfall
Have you ever seen a waterfall that gracefully and gorgeously flows? Then you should this waterfall located in the southwest of Iceland. Records show that this waterfall was acknowledged as “The Most Famous Waterfall.” The name itself, Gullfoss means Golden Falls, which was derived from the water’s color which is brownish like Gold. The best time to visit Gullfoss is during summer when the plunge is stronger. Those who had been there said that “The beauty and the wonder of nature is an uplifting experience. One feels more energetic when leaving Gullfoss than when arriving.”

5 Places to go in Iceland-Skaftafell-Ice-Cave3. Skaftafell Ice Cave
Want to know how it feels to be inside Elsa’s Ice Castle? Then being in this cave located at the Vatnajökull National Park, you will experience more than extreme coldness but the wow factor is guaranteed. Well, Iceland is the land of ice, which is literally covered in ice and snow, the best time to visit is in Winter, the time when ice doesn’t melt so it will be safe to enter. Tourists have said that when the glacier moves even just a millimeter, a loud sound will be heard in the cave.

4. Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon
But of course, who wouldn’t want to have a geothermal spa wherein you bathe in the hotspring that reaches 37–39 °C, wherein studies shows that is beneficial to our health and skin because it is rich with silica and sulfur? There are also other services offered in Blue Lagoon such as massages and treatments. Bar, cafe and restaurants are also available for guests to visit during the spa session. Who wouldn’t want to get healthy while being happy?

5 Places to go in Iceland-Aurora-Borealis5. Aurora Borealis
The Aurora is an incredible light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. This year the dazzling lights will shine brighter due to the increase of solar activity. The best time to see the northern phenomena is from the middle of September to middle of April.

Certainly, Iceland is one of the best countries to travel and visit. Aside from the 5 Places to go in Iceland, you can also try their traditional seasonal food called “Hákarl”, putrescent shark meat and mostly accompanied by a local schnapps, Brennivín.


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  1. I have always dream on going to Iceland. Yes, because of the natural wonders of the country. Those caves, waterfalls and obviously the Blue Lagoon! Awesome article. Marking this as my favorite.


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