5 Places To Visit in Michigan

5 Places To Visit in Michigan

Have you heard of the Toledo War? If not yet, let me tell you a short summary about it. Michigan is known as “The Wolverine State” and reports and records show that it was the Ohio people who gave them that nickname. Since the infamous war between the Toledo strip creation, Michigan was considered as vicious and bloodthirsty as the Wolverines. But apart from that, did you know that Michigan is also known as “Great Lake State”? It’s because the shores of Michigan touch 4 out of the five Great Lakes; the state has more than 11,000 inland lakes.

In this article, we will look past through the common facts and study the 5 Places To Visit in Michigan.

5 Places To Visit in Michigan-DetroitInstituteofArts1. Detroit Institute of Arts
First on our list will be the brilliant art museum with great interactive displays known to be the city’s crown jewel. This is for travellers who love arts and sciences. DIA is located near downtown at 5200 Woodward Ave. If you think an hour will be enough to see the whole museum, it’s better to decide once you get inside. The Beaux Art building has more than 100 galleries, works by Degas, Cézanne and Diego Rivera. Even the famous Henry Fuseli’s “The Nightmare” can be seen here: an image of an incubus seated on top of a sleeping beauty

2. Bonanza Falls
5 Places To Visit in Michigan-Bonanza_Falls
Nature will always be part of the list, since natural wonders do attract tourists with their rich natural findings. On the Iron River near Silver City in Ontonagon, you’ll find this falls named after Austin Corser in 1855. Well, there’s actually a story behind it, in honor of the Austin’s discovery of a rich pocket of silver ore, keeping it a secret for seventeen years. As the adage says “Nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known”; it was discovered in 1872 and the silver rush was over by 1876.

5 Places To Visit in Michigan-Mackinac_Island3. Mackinac Island
Sometimes being isolated is fun. The wide five-story Grand Hotel and the Mackinac Bridge that connect the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan is in this island and it’s not the only thing you would love to see. Kayaking, canoeing, hiking, shopping, golfing, relaxing at the spa, vintage baking and also other activities during the winter season: those are just some of the engaging things, since the island is known for its numerous cultural events. Its wide architectural style with an estimation of 500 residents has some 15,000 tourists daily. This will be your American version of Jeju Island.

4. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
5 Places To Visit in Michigan-Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
Science and Art keep stimulating our minds and wanderlust juices. Another piece of Art was built outdoor located in Grand Rapids, Michigan (1995). I alone can’t even explain these deep structures’ meaning or what does it symbolize. Maybe if I’ll stand there I’ll be singing like Justin Bieber with “What do you mean?”. Well, it’s kind of challenging to solve the mystery behind each piece of these several masterpieces in Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, since they are even listed in 2009’s ‘“30 Must-See Museums” in the world.

5 Places To Visit in Michigan-Henry_Ford_Museum5. Henry Ford Museum
Who said that we can’t turn back time? I guess seeing the old times is one of the reasons why museums are created. In Henry Ford Museum lie the vintage cars, trains, presidential limousine of John F. Kennedy and even Thomas Edison’s library, the genius inventor of the light bulb. An IMAX Theater is also found inside that films scientific, natural and historical documentaries. Be captivated, since this was considered a tribute to American ingenuity and lifestyle. The must-see attraction for anyone visiting the Metro Detroit area.

Recently, the museum just made an announcement to add the new Beatles exhibit, which will soon hit the floor in April 2016. Hey Jude, don’t let us down.

When we talk about one place, we are always surprised about what’s within the state or country which was not world-renowned but sure offers world class attractions. Like our famous English writer and philosopher, G. K. Chesterton once said “The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at least to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” I hope you’ll find time for the 5 Places To Visit in Michigan.


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  1. Amazing! I never imagined Michigan to have such rich places to visit apart from the Bonanza Falls and Mackinac Island. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park where science plus art are combined. I also want to see the Henry Ford Museum, it’s must be part of my to go list.


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