5 Places To Visit in Oman

5 Places To Visit in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is a country with an enormous wealth of natural attractions, fascinating culture, stunning landscapes and warm welcoming people. Oman is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination that it has now diverse attractions that you might want to see. In this article, let’s traverse the 5 Places To Visit in Oman.

5 Places To Visit in Oman-Misfat Al Abriyeen1. Misfat al Abreyeen

The unique mountainous village located 1,000 m above sea level on the mountain foothills. If you are ever wondering where did the name come from, it was actually originated from the Al Abri tribe, who originally come from Misfat al Abriyeen and Al Hamra. What’s so good about this village it’s that it looks so mysterious from afar and yet so full of wonders nearby. There’s an opposite track of the village where it passes through more agricultural terraces and leads to a steep stairwell downhill through more gardens and plantations, and then back up again. You will then realize why it is called a “mountain oasis”. This is one of the places tourists love to visit in Oman.

2. Daymaniyat Islands

5 Places To Visit in Oman-Daymaniyat IslandsWelcome to the the jewels in the crown for diving in the Gulf of Oman. The beauty of this underwater attraction is under the protection of The Ministry Of Environment since 1996. Marine life? Coral reefs cover up to 70% of the dive sites seabed with a hundred and ten different species of soft and hard coral of which no less than 10% are unique to Oman’s waters. That was just the coral reefs. Fishes go around 280 different species. These species living underwater are actually close to the surface that they are also a paradise for snorkelers.

5 Places To Visit in Oman-Wahiba Sands3. Sharqiya (Wahiba) Sands

After diving underwater, let’s get on the surface for some dry land. Do all sort of activities such as sand boarding or quad biking. Who needs snow to have fun on board? The rich golden brown sand of Wahiba Sands will surely make you want to discover how is it like to live deserted. Night camping is another fun activity done here, a diversion between Muscat and Sur adventures that will take you to a nomadic existence traditional way of life which is fast disappearing. Yes, it’s normal to visit sands on a day trip, but believe me you shouldn’t miss the majesty of the night sky and the pleasure of dawn

4. Majlis al Jinn

Majlis al JinnNow, let’s have a little more fun going down with dry land. The largest cave in the Middle East and one of the world’s ten largest cave chambers is located in Oman. Majlis al Jinn when translated means “Meeting Place of the Spirits”. One tourist even said “After a few minutes on that rope in this huge cave you do start realising how huge this thing is and a sense of sheer beauty wins.”. The cave was discovered in 1983 by W. Don Davison, Jr. and his wife, Cheryl. Well, that pretty much explains why one of the three entrance was named as “Cheryl”, which is the smallest out of the two large entrances (Asterisk and First).

5 Places To Visit in Oman-Bimmah Sinkhole5. Bimmah Sinkhole

Now, to sum up all of the place wonders. Let’s get into a hole down, with water and mystifying with the world’s most beautiful sinkhole. The top attraction of Oman is located in Muscat Governorate. The 20 meter deep sinkhole where freshwater is mixed with sea water giving it a wonderful color. People can go swimming in this sinkhole of camp by its side. This area is very well sign posted from the highway and can not be missed. The locals say that a meteor fell on this spot of land, resulting in the natural depression and forming a small lake.

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  1. I never thought that Oman’s tourism can be this diverse. In this article Daymaniyat Islands and Bimmah Sinkhole. Now, thanks for sharing this 5 Places To Visit in Oman! I will definitely make time to set a trip to Oman this year as a graduation gift to myself. More power with your articles.


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