5 Ways To Accomplish #TravelGoals

5 Ways To Accomplish #TravelGoals

Insatiable curiosity, swollen memories, colorful daydreams, and a tight budget. These had been always been the long-condition symptoms of a wanderlust. It’s like an itch that will always need to be scratched. No worries, we exactly know how you feel and we exactly know how to ease that feeling. Go and Travel. It’s the only way dear. In this article, we’ll be talking about 5 Ways To Accomplish #TravelGoals!

1. Stop Dreaming instead Start Planning

You know, travelling is somehow similar to writing.As long as you don’t start holding the pen, nothing will really happen. But when you initiatively place that ballpoint on the paper, surely something will come up your mind and will accordingly follow new things. Same with travelling, if you just keep on daydreaming every single day about islands, paradise and attractions, nothing will really happen. But as soon as you make more than researching and more on saving and planning, then it means, we’re getting somewhere. Like Nike had always reminded us “Just Do It!”
5 Ways To Accomplish #TravelGoals-Plan
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2. Don’t Be Afraid of Traveling Alone

5 Ways To Accomplish #TravelGoals-AloneWe are not considering you being a complete introvert or lonesome. We just want you to take heart on travelling alone. We are a hundred percent sure you’ll feel more grateful about yourself afterwards. As other tourists and travellers planning in the first place “Seeking solitude” and “Soul searching” (you can also check this: Perks of Traveling Alone), sounds too emotional, nothing beats being a lone wanderlust which similarly feels like an inner-villain-thirst-to-travel conquering the world.

But as case requires, if you really are keen to travel with someone, then find a travel buddy with similar interests. Of course that’s a requirement. You might not want to trek heights along someone with Acrophobia or someone who doesn’t take risks over travel activities.

3. Long Layover Turnover

5 Ways To Accomplish #TravelGoals-LayoverWhether it’s a few hours in an airport, or a night’s stay in an unknown city. For whatever reason, layover-waiting in an airport for a flight can be a tedious experience. Don’t end up the same case with these two ladies at the airport. Yes we can spend some money for a lounge, a hotel, but come to think of it, why not take this opportunity and use the money for other things? Use that layover time to the fullest.

We recommend getting the longest layover possible. Not only is the fare likely to be cheaper, it will give you the chance to get out of the airport and experience that middle destination ahead of your final one. That’s like 2 trips for the price of one.

4. Travel Wisely

5 Ways To Accomplish #TravelGoals-Business travellersOf course you are travelling for a purpose then you should also to keep in mind not to spend too much or lavishly. Though you are lucky enough to get a job that requires you to travel doesn’t mean the meeting will last forever as long as you are there. Learn how to manage your time, so you can seek solitude while admiring a different country’s destinations and culture.

But if the purpose was actually to visit a distant friend, a relative or a loved one, sometimes being a little bit more different is fun. Why not meet halfway instead? Go to a place where you and your loved one don’t live. Seeking new adventures makes unexpected memories. And of course meeting halfway will save both of your asses from more fare expenses.

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5. Be Inspired

Happy TravellerPlease don’t go home defeated. That’s the worst thing you can do about your life. Spend, travel and be happy. Firsthand, be thankful that you were able to get to a dream destination whereas others just keep dreaming about it. Spread the good vibes. Think positive. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe you can actually start your own version of “In (destination) I found out” or make a list of things you learned while you were travelling.

Be inspired and inspire others. Being inspired doesn’t mean your crush likes you back or you had an awesome date. Being inspired means you found a new reason to move forward and smile every day. It is not every day some Canadian can eat Asian food. Inspire others with what you discovered and don’t stop there. Hello, there are 196 countries in the world today!

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to to accomplish your #TravelGoals, make sure to do your research first (because it’s essential to do so); also try looking to book your flights using online travel agencies as they tend to, on average, reduce airfare costs by about 43%, a few good ones being Flighthub.com, Travelocity.com, JustFly.com or Expedia.com.


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