5 Weird Beauty Secrets From the Around the World treatment

5 Weird Beauty Secrets From the Around the World

When men and women rely on available resources and their own ingenuity, looking and grooming after yourself can take some weird forms.

5 Weird Beauty Secrets From the Around the World world

All countries have their own beauty secrets. Some nations derive their beauty products from local sources. Others incorporate their own traditions and culture towards perfecting a beauty ritual that’s been passed on throughout the ages. Most of these are no longer their secrets behind healthy and beautiful hair, nails, skin, and others. Since they were first invented, they are now household practices all over the world, with modern-day beauty products representing weird beauty secrets from around the world.

1. Myanmar sandalwood paste

5 Weird Beauty Secrets From the Around the World thanaka

Women from Myanmar create their own sunblock and face cream. They source this from the sandalwood bark tree, grinding the wood and bark into a white paste and powder. They apply the product, called thanaka, onto their face. Two millennia of tradition saw this almost religious application take the form of patterns onto their skin. Thanaka blocks out the sun and shields the skin from free radicals and pollution.

2. Greece rosemary water

5 Weird Beauty Secrets From the Around the World rosemary tea

The ancient Greek women had been keeping their hair shiny, bouncy, and healthy for centuries thanks to this neat trick. Boil rosemary leaves in water, let the mixture cool completely, strain out the rosemary, and pour the concoction over your hair. Rosemary tea will remove product buildup and thoroughly rinse and clean your locks.

3. Japan rice water

5 Weird Beauty Secrets From the Around the World rice water

In Japan, it had been discovered since geisha times that submerging and washing your skin with rice water, or even water left over from cooking rice, softens and smoothens the skin. From Japanese farmers to Japanese geisha or entertainers, rice water had been a great help in maintaining their youthful glowing skin. This is due to the Vitamin E and antioxidants in it.

In China, the rice that is left from soaking is scrubbed on to women’s faces for ten minutes. This anti-aging beauty ritual will help create smooth young-looking skin.

4. Russia oak-leaf treatment

5 Weird Beauty Secrets From the Around the World oak leaf treatment

Russians have a bizarre method to keep their skin toxin-free and well-exfoliated: In a steam-filled room, they are “spanked” with an oak-leaf broom that’s been drenched with olive oil. They believe that the oak leaves have a natural astringent. After the women had been spanked, they are drenched with a bucket of ice-cold water.

5. Africa black soap

 5 Weird Beauty Secrets From the Around the World black soap

African men and women fight problems with oily skin and eczema using special black soap. This is made from the ash of cocoa pods, plantain skin, and palm leaves mixed with palm oil, coconut oil,  and shea butter. The ingredients involve a lot of vitamins that protect the skin from harsh radicals. Africans had been using African black soap for a long time; it heals problem skin making it healthier.

In the name of beauty, we have a lot of options to take care of ourselves. Time, technology, and culture gave us the access we need to utilise countries-wide beauty secrets. Not only do locals benefit from these beauty secrets. Now, anyone gets to use them for their own purposes.

What can you say about our beauty secrets men and women from all over the world keep? Does your own country practice any weird beauty trick, ritual, or secret.  If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!



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