5 Weird but Cool Places to Rent

5 Weird but Cool Places to Rent

Your daily routine can be really tiring at times and you want to take a break from everything, like stepping into another dimension. We certainly understand where you are coming from. In our previous article, we shared the 5 Places to go in Iceland, now let us take you to 5 Weird but Cool Places to Rent. I can assure you that you will love to rent this places for a day or two.

5 Weird but Cool Places to Rent-Secluded-Intown-Treehouse1. Secluded Intown Treehouse
As  the name goes “Secluded”, this treehouse is located in Atlanta particularly in Buckhead. The treehouse is actually a three series of building connected by rope bridges. Every room has its own features, the first one serves as the sleeping room where you’ll get to experience the natural feeling of sleeping under the stars, second one works to make the consumer feel at ease with a hammock or dartboard to keep them entertained. The third works as the living room. The capacity of the treehouse is up to 5 people and what makes it stand out? Unlike other rental treehouse, it comes with fully-stocked wine, coffee and snacks. All of these for $350 per night.

2. Krinklewood Cottage & Train Carriage
5 Weird but Cool Places to Rent-Krinklewood
Let’s get vintage and let nostalgia take over with the compact carriage which won’t just let you sleep on it but also offers different scenery with spa bathing facilities. But just to give you a hint, it’s vintage outside but elegant inside. It was known to be the best romantic getaway with their designated accommodation to Victorian, Chardonnay, Orient, Safari, Royal and Cottage or to see more about Krinklewood, click here. Meet the carriage halfway of Pokolbin, Australia, in the middle of Vineyard Country, South Wales for $114 a night.

5 Weird but Cool Places to Rent-Søren’s Tipi3. Søren’s Tipi

Tipi is a conical tent traditionally made of  animal skin, Søren’s tipi is quite different, but still keeps the actual ambiance of the native American teepees. But Søren’s tipi sees to it that these are the best places for counseling for this was renowned to be the “Therapy Garden”. It traces back to how camping was done before, just so you know the floor doesn’t have carpet or any material一it is just pure pebbles and grass. Of course they are aware that consumers will be still seeking modernized kitchen and bathroom, but have patience, because those facilities are 200 feet away from Søren’s Tipi which is actually found in Denmark for $46 per night.

4. Aircraft’s Airplane
5 Weird but Cool Places to Rent-Aircraft’s Airplane
Fact? The place was named after the owner’s name, confused? Yes his name is “Aircraft”. It is not pretty obvious but with just $496 a night you will able to rent an airplane located in Netherlands all for your own consumption. The aircraft was actually a 1996 model which was renovated to make it luxuriously modernized that comes with infrared sauna, jacuzzi tub, minibar, flat screen television and Wi-Fi access. The cockpit remains the same, so if you are a pilot wannabe then that’s the spot for you for selfies!

5 Weird but Cool Places to Rent-Frying-Pan-Tower5. Frying Pan Tower
Yahoo Travel had once endorsed this tower with “Is this the most terrifying b&b on the planet?” Sure it is. For a heads up, Frying Pan Tower is an 85 foot high abandoned US coastguard tower, which is found 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina. With just that detail? Let me add some more, the only way to get there is by boat or helicopter and the tower is anchored 50 feet off water. Don’t you feel nervous staying there? Or are you more challenged and thrilled? Imagine how the night looks like? On a positive note, night is the best time to have a 360 degree view of the stars plus the amazing sunrise and sunset!

Well, the better way to make a temporary escape is by going to places you never been. Or it is best by exploring the unusual which is out of your comfort zone. The following B&B mentioned are suggestions for you to take a vacation for a day or two. But remember, vacations are temporary, but stepping out of your comfort zone shouldn’t be. To be a better person, you must know pass your worries and weakness.


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