6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying

6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying
6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying-onboard
What you eat before you board can have a major effect on how you feel once you’re on air (and even how you feel once you arrive). Leave these eating fiascos off your pre-flight agenda and dodge the feared “jet bloat,” being the stinky seatmate, and other in-flight abhorrences. Read on to find out about the 6 foods you should never eat before flying.

1. Fast-Food
6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying-Fast Food

Enticed by those pervasive airport fast-food restaurants? You ought to realize that digestion is significantly harder for your body at 35,000 feet. Add that to the trouble the human digestive system already has processing saturated fats, and you’ve got a recipe for heartburn or an upset stomach. Researchers have likewise observed that eating immersed fat can choke the bloodstream, which could increase your risk for deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

2. Carbonated Beverages

6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying-soda

Carbonated beverages, like soda and beer, are additionally significant patrons to bloating. Picture the bubbles you’re gulping as minor inflatables that will wind up in your stomach—and then rapidly expand when the air pressure changes. Not comfortable!

3. Garlic
6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying-Garlic

Garlic is delicious, however it beyond any doubt lingers on your breath—and in your body odor. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that are ingested into your circulatory system and lungs. This implies you’re truly breathing out that garlic smell (even if you’ve brushed your teeth), and it’s leaking out of your pores. So for your seatmates, avoid the garlic pasta before boarding.

4. Alcohols

6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying-Alcohol

Alright, it’s not a food, but you should still avoid this beverage. That beer or vodka tonic may hit the spot, but it’s also dehydrating. Shockingly, the air we take in planes isn’t humidified, which likewise makes flyers become dehydrated. Throw alcohol into the mix and you might be more casual, but you’ll come off the flight feeling parched and miserable. Also, remember that alcohol majorly affects your body at higher elevations.

5. Sugar-Free Gum
6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying-Sugar Free Gum

Sugar-free products might be a gift to weight watchers and diabetics, yet they, for the most part, contain counterfeit sweeteners. Unfortunately, the human body’s not intended to process engineered sugars exceptionally well, and they can bring about bloating, gas, and even have a laxative effect—not what you want if you don’t plan to spend the whole flight in the tiny airplane lavatory. Check the package when you’re buying sugar-free gum or candy, many products carry a warning label about these unpleasant side effects.

6. Caffeine
6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying-Caffeine

Caffeine has numerous medical or health benefits, including enhancing memory, averting Alzheimer’s disease and preventing exhausted automatons from transforming their Monday into the Hunger Games. However, it’s also pretty obvious that one of those benefits is one of its pitfalls. It’ll keep you alert and will stop you from sleeping which is totally fine on short flights, however on long hauls, it’s best to avoid if you want to take the red-eye to your destination. There’s also a surprisingly large amount of stuff with caffeine in it, including some chocolate, ice creams, weight-loss pills, painkillers and non-cola sodas.

I bet you don’t want to be as uncomfortable as this:
6 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying-uncomfortable


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