7 amazing staircases in the World

How high can you climb?

There are a few people in this world who are fond of counting each step while taking a walk up a flight of stairs. Don’t deny it, one time in your life you probably did that. Let me ask you, do you remember the last time you counted the steps of a staircase? Do you remember the exact number? If not, why not ascend to new staircases and record each step.

This is also a fresh adventure, you’re not just pulling your way up, you’re experiencing something different in a new location.

Here are some of the most unique staircases in the world.

Tiger_and_Turtle_Close_FOTO_Guido_Erbring_centerfoldTiger and Turtle in Germany – Have you ever been on a roller coaster ride? How about a roller coaster walk? This is not your typical staircase with an ascending flight of stairs. The Tiger and Turtle staircase is an art installation by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. It is built in the peak of a hill called the “Magic Mountain” and it depicts the twist and turns of a rollercoaster ride.

Screen-Shot-2012-06-15-at-1.23.19-PM16th Avenue Tiled Steps in USA –
The creation of this staircase was made possible through the help of the locals in San Francisco and the brilliant minds of Irish ceramicist Aileen Barr and artist Collette Crutcher. Each step is decorated with handcrafted tiles, broken mirrors and stained glass. The entire staircase art deco is like a contemporary representation of the sea, the night sky and generally life.

299760,xcitefun-heavens-gate-china-7Heaven’s Gate Mountain in China – This is the passageway that all departed souls must cross in order to reach what has been preached by early men as the great yonder. Just kidding! This monolithic staircase has 999 steps in total. First, you have to ride a cable car to reach the mountain range; then, you must ride a bus to take you to where the staircase is stoically erected.

After climbing 999 steps, you will land at the entrance of the temple located at the top. To make things more interesting, tempered glass was installed on the sides of the mountain that would enable tourists to see everything underneath the soles of their feet. The view would be the flight of stairs, the rough terrain and the iconic view of the Zhangjiajie City.

780_203-1735-downloadansichten-conz_1.1Traversinertobel Bridge in Switzerland – Designed by engineer and architect Jurg Conzett, the staircase-bridge is elevated 200ft above the ground of Via Mala. The bridge connects two gorges and is built with an ascending pathway. The bridge is heavily fortified with an extended platform that would guarantee the safety of those who cross it. The bridge is not recommended for people who have weak constitutions.


1(2)The Potemkin Stairs in Ukraine – The staircase is a famous landmark that also serves as an ancient marker for the city of Odessa. The symmetry of the stairs’ foundations are majestic and the surroundings are filled with big trees. The real feature of these stairs is in the illusion that it creates on the mind of those who climb it. After reaching the top and looking back at the trail, all the steps disappear, it makes you feel like you’re on a floating platform.

San_Juan_de_Gaztelugatxe_fullSan Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Spain – Gaztelugatxe is an island along Biscay in the municipality of Bermeo. The narrow bridge is not that hard to cross, but along the way, travelers enjoy the view of the sea below. The island was named in honor of John the Baptist and his martyrdom. According to legend, after you reach the top, ring the bell three times and make a wish.

double-spiral-staircase-graz-castle-grazDouble Spiral Staircase in Austria – Also called the “Stairs of Reconciliation,” this twin stairs is located in The Burg Royal Castle in Graz. The architectural design of the staircase, which follows the castle’s gothic stonework is what would really catch a person’s eyes, whether it is viewed from above or below.

It would be an awesome adventure if you can visit and climb all of these staircases. When you grow old, you can share this travel experience to inspire others to travel as well.

These are just seven of the most unique and mystifying staircases in the world, there are so much more. Are you up for the challenge?

Hope you guys enjoyed this article, feel free to leave your comments below.


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