A taste of Canada

How many Canadian dishes can you name? Canada isn’t as famous as other countries when it came to gastronomic adventures. However, Canada has a few local dishes that have been undeniable favorites and have been part of the country’s traditional cuisine.

If you ever decided to visit the Great White North, here’s a list of culinary delights that Canada is truly proud of; go ahead and take a bite.

First on the list is none other than the poutine. This tasty French dish is made of potato fries topped with cheese curds and thick homemade gravy. It maybe surprisingly plain, but it’s considered as one of the best dishes in the country. La Banquise in Montréal serves one of the best Poutine in all of Canada.


Tourtiere19-thumb-596x350-234689If the Americans have apple pie and the French have croissants, Canada also has fun-filled pastry they could offer to the world; that would be the tourtiere. The tourtiere is a traditional Canadian meat pie that is commonly prepared during the holidays. The pie is stuffed with either pork or beef and goes well with a variety of vegetables. It goes by the tradition of meat pies derived from Europe that were originally served to kings during the classical ages.

butter-tartsSince we’re talking about pastries, have you tried a butter tart yet? If not, then you’re totally missing out on a piece of heaven here on Earth. It maybe small in stature, but Canada’s butter tarts explode with flavor the moment they enter a person’s mouth. The joy it brings to people is incomprehensible that it’s considered as the quintessential dessert of the country!

To help you out, here are some amazing food joints that serve the best butter tart in Canada – Grandin Bakery in St. Albert, Albert; OMG Baked Goodness in Dundas street; and Toronto  and Offshore Bakery in Southampton, Ontario.

02-Stussy-Syrup-121220There is a saying that, “if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade;” so, if life gives you an abundance of sugar maples, the best way to deal with it is by making the best Maple syrup in the world. Although Canada shares this distinction with the USA, the commonwealth is home to huge maple syrup farms like Sandy Flat in Ontario and Au Pain De Sucre in Quebec.

For great pancakes with traditional Canadian maple syrup, visit Sugar Moon Farm in Earltown, Nova Scotia, Hoito Restaurant in Thunder Bay, Ontario or Boom Breakfast & Co in Toronto, Ontario.

682The nanaimo bar ladies and gentlemen, is “Canada’s Favourite Confection.” This no-bake chocolate treat is so easy to prepare, all you need is some wafer crumbs, butter icing (whatever flavor you prefer) and melted chocolate. You can experiment with this dessert by combining the flavors you like (for example, mint icing with dark chocolate or coconut icing with white chocolate). Beware though, nanaimo bar is so addictive especially when you have a sweet tooth.

bnmnbbnmCanada also introduced the fried dough or as they like to call it, beavertails, to the world. You read is right, it plain old fried dough; there’s nothing out of the box in it’s prepared. just some fried dough. Canadians decided to call it beavertails, because it has a strong resemblance to a beaver’s tail. Actually, the food is so close to the people’s heart because the beaver is Canada’s national animal.

This fried treat is a great snack, which can also be modified depending on just how adventures a person can be; smear some Nutella on it, or grate some cheese on top and slightly toast the beavertails to have a melted cheese delight.

Bacon is a food that almost every person loves to eat. In Canada, they prepare their bacon with love. They trim the boneless pork loin to paper thin cuts. Then, they cure the meat with spices before smothering it with some cornmeal on it and viola! The Peameal bacon or cornmeal bacon is born.

The best way to cook Peameal bacon is by grilling it and serving it as a hearty sandwich.

eb7cc9f6e79dbc20774df0a89f0df71eNow, this next one isn’t for youngsters, because this would be about spirits, particularly, the “Black sheep of Canadian Liquors.” Yukon jack is a sweet alcoholic beverage that is stronger than your usual whisky or bourbon. Canadians decided to add honey to this Canadian whiskey to give it that mild honey aftertaste couple by a subtle kick of alcohol.

Well, there you have it!

These are just some of Canada’s signature food and beverage. Everyone reading this should really try one or all of them. From Canada, bon appétit! 

A taste of Canada, enjoy!


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