Air Macau Reviews

Air Macau Reviews

Macau is a city in China which is more known as a city of Portuguese overseas territory, which means it’s a place of mixed Portuguese and Chinese influences. Macau is one of the most visited places worldwide due to its gambling that exceeded seven times Las Vegas’ The Strip. Join me as we fly with the flag carrier of Macau: Air Macau.

The Beginning…

Air Macau Company Limited traces its roots back to the 13th September 1994. Prior to the beginning of Air Macau, there was no air service to Macau, aside from Macau Air Transport Company’s (MATCO) helicopter service due to the lack of suitable flat land. However on the 9th of November 1995, Macau International Airport was opened, this made Air Macau’s commencement for operations as a pioneer in aircraft services within China routing initially Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei.

FACTS about Air Macau

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Now, Air Macau is serving 23 destinations internationally with a total of 17 aircraft consisting of 4 Airbus A319, 3 Airbus A320 and 10 Airbus A321 still headquartered at Macau International Airport. The airline is 51% owned by China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC), 20% Air China, 14% STDM, 5% Eva Air, 5% government of Macau and the remaining 5% from Macau investors.

Even being the flag carrier of Macau, the airline never carried any symbolic features of Macau or Portugal. Earlier this year, Air Macau was awarded with the medals of Merit-Tourism in an annual presentation ceremony held at the Cultural Centre. There’s no announcement made by Air China, the parent company of Air Macau, about who will replace the former CEO Mr. Zhu Songyan since he left the airline in September 2014.

Flying with Air Macau
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Air Macau has two kinds of cabin categorized to Economy and Business. Each class has its own uniqueness in service depending on the flight number and sector. Classes are separated by seat arrangements wherein Economy Class passengers are located at the back part of the aircraft and Business Class takes the front section.

Meals served depend on flight number, sector and cabin class too. Special meals are also served for special dietary and itinerary meals of the passengers. Air Macau’s inflight meals are designated into hot light, snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner and were said by reviewers to be one of the meals served in flight.

The Website

pageThe official website is quite complicated to use for its small font sizing and vibrant colors are not healthy for non tech-savvy persons. Some words are even overlapping which makes it more difficult to understand. On a positive note, the Chinese airline’s website language is interchangeable to English, the option is located on the top right of the page next to the service hotline.

The features of the page let travelers book flights and hotel reservations, to prove that the customer is not a robot a mandatory code is asked to be copied before booking. The other functions of the website give access to information regarding airline policies and services, booking management, flight status and online check-in. Air Macau doesn’t have a mobile app yet.

Air Macau Reviews of Passengers

Air Macau gathered a total score rating of 4/10 on Skytrax. However, given the below average rating of Air Macau reviews, the recent posts are actually not complaints or negative but fair and neutral appreciation for the airline’s performance. The most recent review said:

“Each of the four flights were delayed between 10 minutes and an hour and a half. Not a single on time departure on my trip. This airline seems to a have its pilots climb and descend very rapidly. There are economic advantages to this type of flying but it can be uncomfortable on your ears. Cabin temperature inconsistent, hot at times and cold at times.” He gave the airline a 4/10 rating as well on April 7, 2016.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:           
  • Contact Number:               +853 8396 6888
  • Contact Email:         
  • Fax Number:                       +853 8396 6866
  • Head Office Address:        398 Alameda Dr. Carlos, D’Assumpcao, Edif.CNAC, 13-18 Andar, Macau, China

…In The End

After reading several Air Macau Reviews, I conclude that the airline is not one of the most competitive airlines but their maintenance in providing outstanding service is one of the reasons why Air Macau is considered as efficient and worth flying with. Speaking from experience, I once flew with them via Economy Class, but the flight went well.

Feel free to share your experience with Air Macau below.


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  1. The service was OK; the FA’s spoke all English and were very polite. The food was good compared to other small Asian airlines. Only the ground staff was rude impatient and the English poor.


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