Airfarewatchdog Review

The word “watchdog” is mainly used in the world of media and journalism. Individuals who practice Watchdog journalism should be alert, critical thinkers, technical savvy and skilled in information dissemination. The same attributes apply to travel agencies. Airfarewatchdog seems to be fully aware of that.

Introducing Airfarewatchdog

Airfarewatchdog was founded by George Hobica in 1998 as a subsidiary for Smarter Travel Media Network. Hobica is a travel journalist focusing on consumer issues, no wonder the company name is Airfarewatchdog.

Hobica is also the current CEO of the company accompanied by a team of 10 travel specialists.

George Hobica, CEO of Airfarewatchdog
George Hobica, CEO of Airfarewatchdog

Airfarewatchdog operation

lnjqGvfTheir operation runs through the website wherein customers can look for flight deals and book them easily. The website setting is very appealing especially the color scheme of blue and white.

They also provide hotel reservations with discounted prices, believe it or not, some of those discounts reach 75%. They have a partnership with Canadian and American airlines like Air Canada, Delta airlines, Airtran and more.

The travel analysts in their team monitor the best deals possible and present them to the customers. Deals are sold because of their cheap price rates. The company also helps customer choose the best deals by comparing the same flight deals with each other.


The question remains, are the affordable deals credible or not? Airfarewatchdog stated on their website that their fares are time sensitive, meaning sudden changes in price rates are possible. Do you think this honest statement is an advantage or disadvantage for the company?

Mobile Application

Their application allows customers to book flights using their smartphones. Top deals are also presented and customers are updated by latest deals daily. The app received positive reviews for being efficient and easy to use.


Customer Service

The company doesn’t have phone support, so everything is done online. Customers can submit emails regarding their concerns or they can post their enquiries on Airfarewatchdog’s facebook page. George Hobica even provided his email address on the website so customers can contact him directly. The website has a FAQs page for general information about their travel services and policies.

Customer Review

There aren’t many online reviews submitted for Airfarewatchdog. On, the company received a total of 4 reviews, this is the latest record of reviews when this article was written. Out of those 4 reviews 2 are negative saying that the company has no credibility with their deals and the 2 positive statements are about the company’s low price rates. Can you guess the final rating for Airfarewatchdog? Easy, 50% out of 100% thumbs up rating.

On the company got a 3.5 out of 5 star rating. The most liked positive review on this website says that Airfarewatchdog is active all the time seeking the cheapest flight deals possible. On the other, the negative reviews claim that Airfarewatchdog is a good-for-nothing company. Ouch.

Important part of the team

The official mascot of the company is a dog named browser. Sadly, browser is no longer with the team because he’s already resting in heaven.


Contact Information of Airfarewatchdog:

In a Nutshell

Reviews are evenly divided by negative and positive. The company seems to be in a stable status. However, is being stable a good thing? There’s a lot of room for improvements.

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