AirGorilla Review

It’s a jungle out there as thousands of travel sites working their way up to the throne. The online travel agency industry right now is growing bigger and bigger; after search engines, they now have metasearch engines, what’s next?

It’s going to be a challenge keeping up with the elites in the industry. The mighty AirGorilla is still alive! The question is, would it be on its way up or is it falling down fast?


According to their website “AirGorilla is a leader in Internet travel services.” Is this true, do you readers agree or disagree?

Anyway, the travel site was founded in February , 2001 and is situated in San Diego, California, USA. AirGorilla’s operation is fueled because of their affiliation with other air consolidators and airlines from all over the world, AirGorilla is a flight consolidator as well.

04e4847The CEO of AirGorilla is none other than King Kong himself, he didn’t actually die, Just kidding, it’s John Garret, he is also the owner.




Online Rating

DRHMQXHThere aren’t much online reviews online for AirGorilla, but the company got a good rating on They got a 7.82 out of 10 points overall rating on the website. According to the information on the website, AirGorilla’s travel deals are pretty extensive and can’t be found on other websites. However, the website said AirGorilla’s website is “outdated,” and in need of improvements.

On, there were several suggestions from customers. One of the suggestion is for the company to change its name, because it looks juvenile and unappealing. Most of the suggestions were dated back in 2007, 2008 and 2009, so there aren’t any active forums about the company.


EgBoe9Y“Going bananas for discount travel,” this is their main slogan on their website. It’s true that the website needs a lot of improvements to appear more appealing to customers. Anyway the available travel products on their website are flight deals, hotel reservations, car rentals and vacation packages. The website is user-friendly, even a little kid can figure it out.

Booking is easy and will probably take you 5-minutes to complete. The website also allows customers to alter or cancel their flights and even seat selection.

Just like their website, their travel blog is outdated. The latest post was on August 16th, 2012.

They have travel tools on the homepage for flight confirmation, travel protection and travel utilities. They even have their own merchandise of t-shirts, journals, bibs and wall clocks.

Customer Service

They have an email form for feedback and inquiries, the company will then respond by sending a message to your email address. Their phone support is only for emergencies so there won’t be a traffic of incoming calls, they have a number for local callers and international callers.

Final Thoughts

AirGorilla isn’t that popular despite providing travel services worldwide. Their rating on is impressive and serves as proof of their company’s credibility and efficiency. However, there are also negative reviews, which can’t be overlooked. They really need to do something about their website.

AirGorilla’s contact information:

  • Website:
  • Phone no: 888-308-0854 or 877-244-7894 (International) and +1-858-836-8982 or +1-858-256-7190 (Local)
  • Email ad: or

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