Airlines’ Souvenirs and Merchandise

Airlines’ Souvenirs and Merchandise

Sometimes it’s fun to have some mementos of your flight experience. But did you know that while some airlines sell or provide souvenirs and merchandise, some can be bought online too? Some aviation fans are actually starting their own fleet by collecting miniature models. In this article, we gathered the popular Airlines’ Souvenirs and Merchandise. Check them out below:

Airlines' Souvenirs and Merchandise-deck-of-cards-airlinesDeck of Cards
Though gambling is one of the illegal kind of sport, people tend to get more indulged in what is prohibited. Reason? Out of curiosity. Deck of cards is the kind of curiosity you’ll surely love to try. Moving forward. Playing cards plays a major role in our boredom, because they can kill it. Statistics shows that almost 98% of households own a deck of cards. Some airlines, like Swiss International Air Lines, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Air Macau, are known for giving away deck cards as souvenirs. However, other major airlines include them in their inflight duty-free shopping.

Airlines' Souvenirs and Merchandise-plane-chain
Naturally known as key holders, keychains are used as a tool to organize your car and home keys. Airlines had produced creative keychain designs, including a flashlight, but designed as a miniature aircraft like Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, Ryanair and Delta Air Lines. Others used the tail of the aircraft with their livery to easily show that the keychain was from them. Even some airlines widened their creativity by using the tail of the aircraft, not as a keyholder but rather essentially used as dust plugs and flash drives; these are available in Qantas Airways, SAS Scandinavian Airlines and Japanese Airlines.

Airlines' Souvenirs and Merchandise-lanyardLanyard
The policy is strict for “No I.D. No Entry”, wherever we go or whatever we do. At work or at school, we always have an identification card with us. Some institutions provide lanyards as a sign you are part of their company or campus. With airlines, you don’t have to be a pilot or a flight attendant to get one from them. It’s either free or sold. The stylized lanyards show that you flew with them. Some of the most purchased and received lanyards are from United Airlines, Aer Lingus, ANA All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Cathay Pacific, Ryanair, Etihad, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and other Boeing companies.

Wing Pins
Airlines' Souvenirs and Merchandise-wing-pins
Fasten your seatbelt because the next two remaining numbers are part of the must-have collectibles from the airline. Yes, not only pilots can wear them now. There’s nothing much I can share about the airlines’ designated wing pins, I can’t get into details like this airlines’ wing pin has four feathers and such. But here’s a picture reference of the most sold wing pins online. These are limited edition, not all airlines provide wing pins available for purchase as souvenirs. Please be reminded that they can be a little bit expensive.

Airlines' Souvenirs and Merchandise-miniature-model
Model Aircraft
Last on our list, of course, the most collected airline souvenir and merchandise apart from the free amenity kit given on board. Kidding aside. Nowadays, collectors had started to build their own airport with a massive fleet size from different major international airlines, not to charter flights to international routes but rather for personal collection purposes. I guess I don’t have to remind you that miniature model planes are really expensive, some are not that much. Few others are given free by other airlines. This replica or scale model is the top most sold souvenir and merchandise in airlines.

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