Friedrichshafen Airport Reviews 2017 Germany

Friedrichshafen Airport Reviews 2017

Friedrichshafen Airport Reviews 2017 Introduction Friedrichshafen Airport, situated on the Lake Constance or Lake Bodensee in German, is also known as “Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen.” In the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg which it serves, FDH is known as its third-biggest airport […]

Cacassonne Airport Reviews 2017 France

Carcassonne Airport Reviews 2017

Carcassonne Airport Reviews 2017 Introduction Carcassonne Airport, also known as Salvaza Airport, Carcassonne Salvaza Airport or Carcassonne Airport in Pays Cathare (Aéroport de Carcassonne en Pays Cathare), serves Carcassonne, the Department of Aude in Southern France. They started budget flights […]

Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Reviews 2017 exterior building

Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Reviews 2017

Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Reviews 2017 Introduction Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, an international airport established in 1929, serves the city of Lviv in western Ukraine and its surrounding areas. LWO was named after Lviv’s historical founder King Daniel […]

Adelaide Airport Reviews 2017 exterior

Adelaide Airport Reviews 2017

Adelaide Airport Reviews 2017 Introduction Adelaide Airport, one of Australia’s largest and busiest airports, is an important air hub serving the city of Adelaide and the country’s southern region. Since May 29, 1998, it had been operated privately by Adelaide […]

San Antonio International Airport Reviews view

San Antonio International Airport Reviews

San Antonio International Airport Reviews Covering 2,305 acres, San Antonio International Airport is an international airport located in Uptown San Antonio, Texas, serving the Greater San Antonio Metropolitan area. In early 2016, the airport was even voted third-best in terms […]


McCarran International Airport Reviews

McCarran International Airport Reviews The airport was established before World War II. After Western Air Express lost their lease from Rockwell Field in Las Vegas, Mr. Simon had built a new airfield for WAE’s relocation. When Western Air Express finally […]


Oslo Airport Reviews

Oslo Airport Reviews Oslo Airport (OSL), also known as “Gardermoen,” was once used by the Norwegian army as a camp in 1740. The first flight for military purposes happened in 1912; fields and dirt surfaces were used, in short, no […]


Cologne Bonn Airport Reviews

Cologne Bonn Airport Reviews Cologne is the fourth-largest city in Germany, where the former capital was Bonn. Now, in this review, let’s talk about the international airport located in the most densely populated and most powerful economic region of Continental […]


Copenhagen Airport Reviews

Copenhagen Airport Reviews The main international airport of Denmark was inaugurated in 1925. However, during World War II, the airport was closed for civil operations except for periodic flights to destinations in Sweden, Germany, and Austria. After the war in […]


Brisbane Airport Reviews

Brisbane Airport Reviews Brisbane’s first airport was actually Eagle Farm Airport which was built in 1925. Brisbane was the headquarters of the Supreme Commander of Allied forces in the South West Pacific Area, General Douglas MacArthur, during the Second World […]