AirTreks Reviews

AirTreks Reviews

AirTreks Reviews-Sean Keener
Sean Keener

AirTreks’ slogan is “The World, Your Journey.” Their aim is not only to help customers customize the best route for their particular travel needs, they’re also set up to assist customers while on the road and throughout their trip. Let us see which parts of these statements they have guaranteed.

AirTreks was founded in January 1987 by a 56-year-old travel agent: Mr. James G. Pilaar.

Though, AirTreks is now a registered trademark of AirTreks International, which is owned by BootsnAll Travel Network. The current Chief Executive Officer since December 2013, Mr. Sean Keener, is also the co-founder and CEO of BootsnAll Travel Network.

How Does AirTreks Work?

AirTreks had recently updated their interface which was once complex and complicated to understand. Now their site is modernized, customers are happier to navigate and discover what is with AirTreks.  A big picture at the center gives the option to click “Begin Your Journey Here,” the button will direct travellers to their search page.
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AirTreks’ services shows Business Class, Groups, Ready, Set, Go. These services of AirTreks have different functions:

  • Business Class – lets customers upgrade their cabin class if they decided to upgrade out of the coach.
  • Group – assists customers planning to travel by group.
  • Ready, Set, Go – Ready and Go, once clicked, it will lead back to the main page where Set provides information of places where the customer might want to go.

AirTreks calls this TripPlanner, a pop-up instruction on how to navigate the page is shown after customers click the “Begin Your Journey Here” button. TripPlanner lets customers create a route using the map or city and edit travel options by air or land. After setting up the location and desired city, hit “Get Prices” located at the bottom right of the TripPlanner to get the prices they advertised.

Blog provides customers articles about travelling. Though, the page itself is not updated because the last article published is dated March 20, 2015.

Scrolling down provides information about customer reviews and more information about them. However, the overall design of the page is really not that easy to understand, the choice in colour and font isn’t user friendly.

AirTreks Reviews of Customers

AirTreks Reviews-skepticalWe were not able to find any AirTreks reviews online. We actually found some on ConsumerAffairs, but we found it unnecessary to use that as a reference even if it’s a long story of a complaint, because the review was written way back in 2014. If you’ll ask me, it’s very impossible for an almost 3-decade travel business to have no reviews at all. Are they hiding customer’s complaints or have none really tried using them or at least had the courtesy to write something about their experience with AirTreks? Whichever was the reason for the missing AirTreks reviews, it’s still best to research first before booking or trusting a travel site.

AirTreks Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:      
  • Contact number:          +1 888 247 8735 / +1 415 977 7133
  • Contact Email:     
  • Fax Number:                 +1 415 977 7150
  • Head Office Address:    545 Sutter St., Suite 305, San Francisco, California, 94102


I am still wondering if AirTreks is still legit now, it’s just a trademark for BootsnAll Travel Network. Maybe if i’ll see 2015 or 2016 reviews about their services or how they work, then I might be convinced to reconsider rating them as an eligible travel site.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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  1. A friend of mine used AirTreks 2 years ago for a round the world trip and highly recommended them. I was booking a complex ticket around Africa/Middle East/Europe which they assured me would qualify for their purposes, but I could not be more disappointed with the process.

  2. i do not recommend that ANYONE use their service. They are a 3RD PARTY ticket buyer, which means if you buy your ticket from them, you cannot change it, and you cannot UPGRADE IT AT ALL!!!!!!!

  3. I had once taken a quote from them for my first ever RTW trip in 2015 but their airfare quotes were pretty high. Their level of interaction and response time was reasonable but their prices were way too much. Moreover, for changing my schedules they kept on adding the cost which did put me off to a certain extent. I did some further search over the internet and found Daniel from their Seattle office gave me a mind blowing quote which had me jumping in joy. I checked their credentials on BBB and Yelp reviews and found them to be legitimate. I would certainly recommend them. Though they are new, but they certainly know a thing or two about getting cheap deals for RTW tickets.


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