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This year, we wanted to go places, take a vacation or have a family trip. Travelling had been one of the most exciting adventures someone had ought to take. However, travelling may also be anyone’s worst nightmare. That’s the reason why online travel agencies are all around to provide wanderlust and passengers ease at every booking plan they have, but this also rooted the idea of other scam markets to steal the payments of the paradise dreams of innocent travellers.

In this review, we will see why we need to check for the credibility of the site before making a booking. Is AllCheapFares a trusted site? or just one of the scam and fraudulent company who will steal away your dream escapade? Let us all be judges.

Why AllCheapFares?

The American-based travel site was founded in 2007 in Maryland, USA and there’s not much information about the brief origin and ownership of the online travel agency but it is said they already reached an annual revenue of $210,000.
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The mission of AllCheapFares is to assist customers in travel planning and make it as simple as possible where all their travel options are found in one comprehensive site with their customized travel planning. The site is interchangeable from English to Spanish language which appears next to the contact number and social media account links.

The bottom part of the travel site gives travelers inspiration to more worldwide travel destinations and options to get subscribed to their newsletter services to receive their latest offers and promotions via email.

It seems like their social media accounts are still active. We just found their Facebook, and it is all about travel destinations and some travel relative videos to entice customers to different tourist attractions worldwide.

Why NOT AllCheapFares?
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The site looks very suspicious that it is like minimized into one corner or one-page view to fully access their services such as search and compare options for flights, hotel reservations, cruises, rental services and other vacation packages. The page itself looks unconvincing at all.

Based on several AllCheapFares reviews, the site is not a trustworthy one that travelers keep asking the efficiency and legitimacy of the site. One reviewer even once booked with them and said he was deceived with the low-price offer and never got a refund or even a compensation.

Though I was quite impressed with their company logo, which is a combination of a car, bed and an aircraft. In a nutshell, it explains what are the bookings offered on AllCheapFares.
logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:             +1 240 686 3582
  • Head Office Address:      21107 Silver Birch Ln, Germantown, MD 20876, USA


Judging through AllCheapFares reviews, the travel site seems questionable with their price listings and offers. This might be the reason why the site is not even recommended by their own one-time consumers. It’s still best to do your research first before booking.

In this review, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong. If you have booked with AllCheapFares, please share your experience below.


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  1. Not really all of the fares are cheap as their company name shows. I tried to compare two hotel room prices from them and JustFly, and guess what I got a better deal way way more cheaper than AllCheapFares. Well, everything went smooth. I’ll give credits to JustFly but i’ll ask you guys to look for a better site than AllCheapFares


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