Amazing features of Mississauga, Canada

“Pride in past, faith in our future. Be strong. Be proud.” This is the official motto of the 6th largest city in Canada, Mississauga. The city is known for its multicultural development and business friendliness potential. The diversity of ethnicity within the city includes other races like Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Japanese, and more.

Throughout the years, Mississauga had been expanding its domain inside Canada by buying and merging with nearby towns. The name Mississauga was derived from the Anishinaabe word, Misi-zaagiing meaning “those at the great river-mouth.”

Here’s a list of of things to look forward upon your visit to Mississauga.
29-for-a-playcard-at-playdium-729192-regularFor a fun time for the whole family, the best place to visit is the
Playdium family entertainment centre. When they say entertainment, it’s not just watching latest movies on big screens or enjoying a live music show. The Playdium includes games for adults, teens and children.


playdium-1They have golf, bowling, go-karts and baseball. The 40,000 square feet centre also has amusement rides and a roller coaster simulator. To make things even better, the arcade inside the Playdium includes the latest video games like Star Wars Battle pod, Time Crisis 5, Transformers Human Alliance, Batman, Dark Escape 4d and more. The Playdium is a place to have fun physically and virtually. For more information click here.

hammerson_hall_photo03To appreciate live entertainment, the Mississauga Living Arts Centre host one of the best performance from in and out of Canada. The centre provides a stage for prominent theater plays, operas, world-renowned comedians, famous bands and other performances as well. The centre also has its own gallery for different form of arts like paintings, murals and photographs.

artbattleThere is also a space for local artist to display their talent and share their passion to others. The facility also launch an art battle yearly for painters to showcase their skills live in front of an audience. Each competitor is given 20 minutes to paint and the competition only has three rounds. If you’re feeling hungry, the centre has its own restaurant called the “Live.” Click here for more information

14Mississauga is famous for its several shopping centre’s. The city has one of the largest shopping centre in Canada, the Square one. There are over 360 stores and services offered in the shopping mall.  They also have Heartland town centre and Erin Mills Town centre. So no need to worry about your shopping dilemma. Each shopping facility has its own unique features. Heartland is an outdoor retail centre with a strong outdoor ambiance. Erin mills have their majestic glass sphere and illuminating skylights.


The Mississauga Celebration Square hosts over 60 festivities yearly. The square is established for millions of people to socialize and promote a friendly environment. The celebration held in the square are divided in two, the minor ones and the major or big ones. For the minor ones, they have Senior’s day every tuesday, Family day on wednesday and Vintage car on Thursdays.


The major festivals held annually are Canada day, Beachfest, My Mississauga, Rotary Ribfest, Tree lighting ceremony and more.

Amazing place to stay

absolute-condos-mississaugaIf you’re visit is temporary, consider seeking roof under the Absolute World condominium. The architectural concept of the condominium is a simple style of twin towers. There are actually 5 towers close to each other that makes up the entire residential centre, Absolute city centre 1 & 2, Absolute vision and then Absolute city centre 4 & 5.

Food, Food, Food

Tu Casa Fine Dining

Tu Casa means “your home,” the entire staff of the restaurant provides an attentive and friendly service to make the customers feel at home. Tu Casa was voted as the number 1 restaurant in Mississauga. The fine dining restaurants offers different kinds of cuisine like Italian, Mediterranean, French, Seafood and International.

PizzaWay Restaurant

One of Mississauga’s pride is the PizzaWay restaurants that serves the best breakfast and lunch dishes. Their menu stretches from Canadian pizza, quesadilla, grilled sandwiches and burgers. Their most famous dish on the menu is the “All day breakfast” consist of eggs, ham, bacon,fries and toast.

One word to describe the city, “Flexible.” The city may not have several facilities unlike the bigger cities in Canada, but when it comes to providing a great travel experience, Mississauga offers more than enough. Think of this article as a menu, choose the things you want to do, places to want to go and the food you want to eat.

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