App in the Air Reviews

App in the Air Reviews

There’s not much of a heartwarming story as to how App in the Air originated. Bayram Annakov was the founder and is still the CEO of the flight tracker app. It was stated that the mobile app was even created between 2011 and 2012. In this review, let us discover the famous flight tracker app frequent flyers had been recently using.

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How Does App in the Air Work?

featuresApp in the Air splits your flight into four stages: Check-in, Boarding, Take-off, and Landing, and notifies you on any flight-related changes. Their timeline service assists you to be prepared  so you’ll never miss your flight. Text message notifications will reach you even if you are abroad and don’t have Internet connection. Weather, delays, and currency info are available for all major airports all over the world.

The “My flights” section shows you past, upcoming, and current flights, and provides a plus button at the upper right corner for searching and adding new flights to that list.

mobile app iconWhen you tap on your profile photo in the “My flights” pane, you are taken to a screen that details how many miles and hours you’ve flown, badges that indicate different milestones that you can share to social media, and the settings menu.

One good factor of App in the Air is customers can keep their record of statistics in “Profile.”  They could also earn achievements for their flight experience and contribution to the flyers’ community. This is the most compatible flight tracker app. All your flights will be synchronized across all of your devices on all supported platforms.

App in the Air Reviews of Users

Having a flight tracker app in your digital tool belt can save you from headaches and stress while traveling. Pilots, passengers, and pick-up people alike all stand to benefit from up-to-date, accurate flight information. After weeks of digitally following planes around the world, people’s choice for a flight tracker app is App in the Air.

Looking through Google Play Store and iTunes, the travel app got a similar rating of ⅘ from users. One customer even said,

Perfect for me I just started to use the app and so far it has met my expectations. I want track my wifes flight, when she lands so I can pick her up. I punched in the airline, flight #, and date it returned info that I was able to quickly transfer to my calendar.”

The good thing about App in the Air is that they acknowledge all kinds of comments by leaving a message of appreciation.

How To Reach Them?


As their CEO said, “At App in the Air, we’re dedicated to making the process of flying as simple as possible for our users.” He was actually serious about it, since the performance and the mass effect of the mobile app has helped several travellers and passengers keep track of their flight.

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